Gordo goes for a Scandified Sunday lunch

NORD, the high-end Liverpool gaff from Exec Chef Daniel Heffy, is now open on Sundays for their version of Sunday lunch.

Confidentials.com are fans already (see Schofield’s review) so it’s down to me to talk about this new addition.

Nord Liverpool 2023 2
Inside NORD Image: Confidentials

The menu bends towards Scandi, but not too much; there are seven starters, five mains and four puddings. Pricing is £29 for two courses, £34 for three. There is a grilled Porterhouse steak (a 1kg Beast!) on for an additional £45 which is for two people. 

A nice addition from the kitchen for the kids is that they get their own Sunday roast for a manageable £10.

2024 01 15 Nord Sunday Roast Menu
NORD's Sunday Roast menu Image: Confidentials

One of my favourite pastry chefs in the north, Siân Williams, came bouncing over to say hi. Formerly of Another Hand, one of Manchester’s high flying new wave restaurants, Siân has bagged the Senior CDP role here, and I’m delighted for her.

As usual, I overdid the ordering, but only for you dear readers to ensure that I can comment properly. I took the ham hock croquettes, crispy on the outside, chunky on the inside but maybe a little too masculine, they could have been improved from a binding with moisture. The piccalilli served on the side was masterful and helped. The tacos were off, so I took the very Swedish milk roll stuffed with fresh white crab meat: stand out ingredients, maybe less bread roll and more crab?

2024 01 15 Nord Sunday Roast Croquettes 2
The ham hock croquette Image: Confidentials
2024 01 15 Nord Sunday Roast Seafood Roll
The seafood roll Image: Confidentials

The Porterhouse arrived, a huge and welcome slab of meat (from Ernest W. Edge & Sons in Chester) along with the vital elements of a roast, by which of course I mean roasted potatoes, seasonal vegetables and that great attention seeker of any Sunday lunch - the yorkshire pudding. The porterhouse was delivered medium rare, both the sirloin side and the fillet cooked as requested.

2024 01 15 Nord Sunday Roast Porterhouse
The porterhouse steak Image: Confidentials

The gravy, served in a glass jug, was thick and full of chunky bits that laughed at me as I poured it over the steak. I don't mind a chuckle if the gravy's that good. Later, the fabulous Yorkshire pudding and crunchy, crispy, fluffy-on-the-inside roast potatoes. Red cabbage delivered a sweet and sour juniper punch while the roast carrots made me swoon. Brussel sprouts and broccoli were in the mix to keep things green.

2024 01 15 Nord Sunday Roast Potatoes
The roast potatoes Image: Confidentials
2024 01 15 Nord Sunday Roast Yorkshires
Yorkshire pudding Image: Confidentials
2024 01 15 Nord Sunday Roast Seasonal Veg
Seasonal Vegetables Image: Confidentials

This was a fabulous Sunday lunch for yours truly. Every element was delivered with craft; there was very little to criticise and an awful lot to praise. If you like your Sunday lunch, you will not go wrong at NORD. You may well think it’s one of the best you’ve had and I wouldn’t at all be surprised.

NORD, 100 Old Hall St, Liverpool L3 9QJ

  • Food 8.5/10

    Ham hock croquette with piccalilli 7.5, Seafood roll 7.5, Porterhouse Sunday Roast 9.25

  • Service 4.5/5

  • Ambience 3.75/5