The stars of Eurovision 2023 grace the turquoise carpet and share their thoughts on Liverpool

The biggest event in Liverpool this year has arrived, and I'm right in the middle of it all, lapping up every Eurovision happening from art installations to live performances and everything in between. 

Over the weekend, this year's song contest contestants from all 37 countries touched down on the coveted red  turquoise carpet, and I was one of the lucky few invited to attend. 

Although I wasn't able to speak to all the entrants this year, I still managed to a get a few quotes from some of the stars regarding what they thought about the city, and asked them all what their favourite part about being in Liverpool has been so far. 

Read on to find out what they said and to look at the glorious fashion parade that each act delivered to the turquoise carpet. 

20230507 Serbia Turquoise Carpet
Luke Black representing Serbia Confidentials

Representing Serbia, Luke Black will be set to sing his song Samo mi se spava (I'm just sleepy) at the Grand Final this weekend. 

He said: "As I currently live in London, I think that Liverpool has all the best parts of the capital and more to offer. I love the museums and the architecture, you can really feel the history here and I just love it."

"It's a really beautiful city, I just love that we've all been able to dress up and walk through this amazing place."

20230507 Malta Turquoise Carpet
The Busker representing Malta Confidentials

Maltese band, The Busker, unfortunately didn't get through to the Grand Final of this year's Eurovision, but they were certainly a favourite on the turquoise carpet. 

The cheeky chaps seemed prone to running up and down the blue strip to meet as many fans and press as possible, as well as treating myself and others to a little saxophone serenade.

20230507 France Turquoise Carpet
La Zarra representing France Confidentials

Serving up a look on the carpet in a magnificent chessboard dress, complete with corset, French representative, La Zarra, was met with audible gasps by press and fans alike. She will be singing her song Évidemment (Obviously) at the Grand Final this Saturday, as one of the big five. 

She said: "It feels fantastic to finally be here in Liverpool, I love the city and I'm having a lot of fun here."

20230507 Latvia Turquoise Carpet
Sudden Lights representing Latvia Confidentials

Latvian boy band, Sudden Lights, may not have made it to the Grand Final with their song Aijā, but they had lots to say about Liverpool on the carpet.

"Liverpool is a great city, with great vibes. It's a huge musical city, and we're just really happy to be here. We went to see Liverpool FC play at the weekend too which we had lots of fun at. We're planning to do a proper Beatles tour as we're all huge fans."  

20230507 Moldova Turquoise Carpet
Pasha Parfeny representing Moldova Confidentials

Moldova entry, Pasha Parfeny, may not have had time to speak to anyone on the carpet, but he and his entourage did treat the gathered crowd to a sneak peak of their song Soarele şi Luna (The Sun and the Moon), and a little of their choreography. 

20230507 Portugal Turquoise Carpet
Mimicat representing Portugal Confidentials

Bringing her song Ai coração (Oh heart) to stage last night in a flurry of red, Portugal representative Mimicat will be gracing our screens again this weekend in the Grand Final.

She said: "I am really enjoying being in Liverpool, it's such a loving place and it's so welcoming. The people are so nice and the food is nice. We've been getting some amazing weather whilst we've been here"

"We've been sight seeing a bit since getting here like taking the Mersey Ferry with some of the delegations which was amazing. We've also been eating out at lots of different restaurants and I've loved every meal."

20230507 Switzerland Turquoise Carpet
Remo Forrer representing Switzerland Confidentials

Representing Switzerland, Remo Forrer will be singing his song Watergun, complete with a dancing entourage.

"I think everything is amazing in Liverpool, we've had some wonderful days rehearsing in the arena. I got to sing in the open at the Eurovision village too, and the crowd was amazing. I've visited the Cavern Club so far, and I got to sing a snippet of my song on the stage where The Beatles once stood which was a really cool experience."

20230507 Romania Turquoise Carpet
Theodor representing Romania Confidentials

Arriving on the carpet in a huge zebra pattern faux fur coat, Romanian entry Theodor, must have been sweltering in the 17 degree heat we were served with over the weekend. Despite the heat, it didn't stop him gushing about the city, and excitedly talking about his song D.G.T Duel. 

"Liverpool has been amazing, I've visited everything from The Beatles store to Tesco, I love how the UK has meal deals. The Cavern Club is next on my list for places to visit in the city."

"It's kind of tough visiting lots of places whilst doing so many rehearsals, but I'm hoping to get lots of places checked off my list whilst I'm here. I can't wait to share my song with the people of Liverpool here, in this city full of music."

Alika representing Estonia Confidenitals

Representing Estonia, Alika will be singing her song Bridges.

"Liverpool is great, a really authentic place. It has a very different energy to Estonia which I love, and there's a lot of history here as well which is nice to see."

20230507 Greece Turquoise Carpet
Victor Vernicos representing Greece Confidentials

One of Eurovision's youngest contestants at just 16-years-old, Victor Vernicos will be representing Greece with his song What They Say, which he composed himself.

"I love it here so much and I can't believe I'm here, I'm hoping to visit as many places as possible whilst I can."

20230507 Cyprus And Belgium Turquoise Carpet
Andrew Lambrou representing Cyprus featuring Gustaph from Belgium Confidentials

Australian-Cypriot singer, Andrew Lambrou will actually be representing Cyprus this year with his song 'Break A Broken Heart'. 

"It's fantastic here, I love the architecture, it's beautiful. I'm also a huge Liverpool FC supporter, but I wasn't able to go to the match the other day as I was worried I'd lose my voice before the live shows."

20230507 Sweden Turquoise Carpet
Loreen representing Sweden Confidentials

Winner of the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest with smash hit, Euphoria, Sweden's Loreen is back and will be gracing us with another appearance at the 2023 Grand Final with both her incredible nails and her song Tattoo. 

"I am enjoying it here in Liverpool, I just love the people here, they're so kind and a lot of them are rather cute too!"

"I'd love to look around all week, but I need to focus on the competition first."

20230507 Finland
Käärijä representing Finland Confidentials

Finland entry, Käärijä appeared on the carpet with his Eurovision costume, a giant green puffer jacket which he has apparently lost once or twice in the past. Käärijä will be at the Grand Final with his pop song, Cha Cha Cha.

"I like this city, and I love the football fans, they're just crazy. I'm really hoping I get some time to walk around the place, otherwise I'm going to have to come back here to discover the amazing attractions it has to offer."

Whilst the other stars weren't able to stop and chat, check out the Liverpool Confidential gallery of the rest below. 

20230507 Armenia Turquoise Carpet
Brunette representing Armenia Confidentials
20230507 Australia Turquoise Carpet
Voyager representing Australia Confidentials
20230507 Azerbaijan Turquoise Carpet
TuralTuranX representing Azerbaijan Confidentials
20230507 Croatia Turquoise Carpet
Let 3 representing Croatia Confidentials
20230507 Belgium Turquoise Carpet
Gustaph representing Belgium Confidentials
20230507 Denmark Turquoise Carpet
Reiley representing Denmark Confidentials
20230507 Czechia Turquoise Carpet
Vesna representing Czechia Confidentials
20230507 Georgia Turquoise Carpet
Iru representing Georgia Confidentials
20230507 Germany Turquoise Carpet
Lord of the Lost representing Germany Confidentials
20230507 Iceland Turquoise Carpet
Diljá representing Iceland Confidentials
20230507 Ireland Turquoise Carpet
Wild Youth representing Ireland Confidentials
20230507 Netherlands Turquoise Carpet
Mia Nicolai & Dion Cooper representing Netherlands Confidentials
20230507 Norway Turquoise Carpet
Alessandra representing Norway Confidentials
20230507 Poland Turquoise Carpet
Blanka representing Poland Confidentials
20230507 San Marino Turquoise Carpet
Piqued Jacks representing San Marino Confidentials
20230507 Slovenia Turquoise Carpet
Joker Out representing Slovenia Confidentials
20230507 Spain Turquoise Carpet
Blanca Paloma representing Spain Confidentials
20230507 Uk Turquoise Carpet
Mae Muller representing the UK Confidentials
20230507 Ukraine Turquoise Carpet
Tvorchi representing Ukraine Confidentials

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