Harley Young warms her cockles by the fire with a pint of plum porter and a sausage roll

What: A proper, cosy, quality pub

Where: Lime Street

Food/drink type: Bar snacks, sausage rolls and pints of cask beer  

When: Sunday to Thursday 12pm - 1am, Friday to Saturday 12pm - 2:30am 

Independent or chain: The 1936 Pub Company

2023 11 20 Outside The Vines
Outside The Vines Image: Confidentials


Take all the elements of a brilliant British boozer and meld them together in an impressive Edwardian building of equally impressive stature. You’ll get The Vines.

Originally built in 1867, back when it was affectionately known as ‘The Big House’, it was recommissioned by Robert Cain in 1907 to be fabricated in its current ornate style. And what a beautiful job they made of it. 

2023 11 20 The Vines Bar
One of the bars Image: Confidentials
2023 11 20 The Vines Sign
Signage Image: Confidentials

The Grade II listed pub features delicately carved woodwork trims, doorways and banquettes while gold plasterwork adorns the ceiling. There’s every bit of taxidermy you could imagine; elks heads, pheasants, crows, badgers, even a human skull (though its authenticity is questionable).

There’s wallpaper peeling in areas and the chandeliers looking like they could do with a bit of polish, but the signs of wear and tear from almost two centuries of love from the community only add to its charm.  

Then the pièce de résistance - a stained glass ceiling that hangs over the lounge bar like an atlas. Although the key feature for me was the roaring open fire with two leather armchairs sat either side of it, conveniently empty at my time of visit. A stroke of luck, or fate perhaps?

2023 11 20 The Vines Ceiling
Stained glass ceilings Image: Confidentials

The main event

I ordered a pint of plum porter and a burly-looking sausage roll from the bell jar sat at the side of the bar and made my claim at the “best seat in the house”. I know this, because a regular walked by and gave me a nudge before saying “You’ve got the best seat in the house.” 

It was hard to disagree with him. I did feel like something out of an Edwardian novel sat in this bloody great big armchair drinking a smooth-as-velvet plum porter (that was very ‘plummy’, I’ll have you know) from a pint pot huddled by the fire in my scarf. If it wasn’t for the flat screens showing Everton receiving the biggest deduction of points in Premier League history I’d have guessed I’d travelled back in time.

2023 11 20 The Vines Arm Chair
Arm chair by the fire? Don't mind if I do Image: Confidentials

The sausage roll was almost overflowing with filling, with a flaky outer pastry crust and slightly chewy inner layer, as all good saus’ rolls should be (in my eyes, anyway). Served with a pot of your choice of sauce on the side - I went with ketchup - and a knife, fork and napkin if you’re feeling posh, it was a welcome addition to my pint of porter.

2023 11 20 The Vines Sausage Roll Header
Sausage roll and a pint - what more can a girl want? Image: Confidentials

Judgement day

The Vines is a pub you’ll enter and struggle to leave thanks to its charming decor and warm welcome - from both the fire and the staff. I could’ve easily spent a few hours here if I’d not had to catch a train to the Manchester Art Fair

I plan on returning very soon. And probably again shortly after that. 

2023 11 20 Inside Vines
Inside The Vines Image: Confidentials

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