Spirits of the city channelled in NYL bar

Liverpool, we can’t keep up with ya. You’re blossoming by the minute and our pay packets can’t come in fast enough to tick everything off your monstrous food and drink repertoire. 

We’ve got everything from fine dining high up on Hope Street to the dirtiest, filthiest street food down low in the basements behind Bold Street. 

What’s so wonderful about the city is how you can’t walk 20 steps forwards, sideways or backwards without stumbling over something just that little bit different. Something memorable. 

For me, though, there’s been something missing and I’ve never quite been able to put my finger on it… until the launch of the brand new Liverpool Collection Cocktail List. 

Like true pillars of Liverpool identity, the brand new compendium of cocktails has been carefully crafted by the people who are these days behind Liverpool Gin. They were launched at the weekend at the NYL Restaurant & Bar in the stunning Aloft hotel at 1, North John Street - and you better know we right at the top of that guestlist. 

A drink shelf staple, Liverpool Gin has become quite the must-have beverage, gaining mainstream fame since the recipe was bought by drinks giant Halewood International from Liverpool Organic Distillery.  Typically served with juniper berries and watermelon, this city spirit has been shaken up left right and centre to play a leading role in many of the cocktails on the list. 


Liverpool Vodka, Liverpool Whiskey and Liverpool Rum are its co-stars and provide the basis of an exciting drinks menu now available at the NYL Restaurant and Bar. Whether you fancy something refreshing like a Fizzy Fella (Liverpool Gin, prosecco, lemon and bitters), something tropical like the Liverpool Lolly or something super sticky and indulgent like the Vanilla Mersey, these guys have got you covered. 

To coincide with the launch of the Liverpool Collection cocktail list, the NYL Restaurant & Bar have also released a new food menu. Each cocktail has been designed to complement the edible offering and we were more than happy to test that theory at the launch party with a chocolate tart and Liverpool Whiskey and a Liverpool Gin alongside citrus poached salmon and micro coriander.

Head on over to the NYL Liverpool website for more.

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