With stadiums still in lockdown the Matchday Box is the ideal way to enhance home viewing of the big game for any football fan.

Gift Hamper specialists Hampers 4 Everyone has launched the Matchday Box: a gift box packed full of football goodies to delight any fan of the beautiful game.

The Matchday Box is a perfect treat to enhance the home-viewing football experience.

It has been created in collaboration with The Goal Hanger, where art meets sports data to map out iconic sporting moments as colourful infographic designs to hang on your wall.

Together with a selection of matchday essentials, including Beavertown beers and a Deliveroo voucher, the Matchday Box also includes a stylish A4 print, mapping out a famous goal from a choice of 19 teams and a voucher for one custom A3 design.

England Matchday Box Feat Img Copy 2

This incredible value box includes everything any self-respecting football fan will need to kick back in front of the TV and cheer on their team on match day. 

Food and drink are sorted, with 4 cans of Beavertown beer designed to last 90 minutes - plus extra time. Also included is a classic pub snack (choose between a Tyrells nut medley or hand-cooked crisps), an extra snack (2 x Kit Kat Chunky) and best of all, a £10 Deliveroo voucher to make sure that all-important pizza is on the way. 

At halftime, the entertainment comes by way of a premium football magazine and the unveiling of The Goal Hanger A4 infographic print representing the famous goal of choice. Then at the final whistle, it’s time to head to www.thegoalhanger.co.uk to use your included voucher to order a custom A3 design.

The Goal Hanger infographics are carefully thought out. All the information is built into the design, mapping out how each goal happened. A key in the bottom left of each print explains how the moment played out, with team colours, and detail to show where the ball entered the goal. From a distance, they look like a cool piece of abstract art but up close they tell the story of a piece of footballing history. 

The custom A3 design is something extra special. This bespoke service will recreate any goal requested by the recipient of The Matchday Box. This could be a World Cup winner or the best goal they ever scored playing for their pub team on a Sunday. 

The competition has ended.

End Date - 15th June 2021