A guarantee you can speak Spanish in 10 weeks!

For beginners we teach the basics - so how to ask for directions, go shopping, to a bar or restaurant. Later we can add on so much more, but in the first place it’s the key things that allow you to enjoy your holiday. 

Key to our approach is that we teach students not just grammar and vocabulary, but how to use it in real conversations, and we do so practising real communication in the classroom with the help of our native Spanish speaking teachers. It seems impossible at first, but progress is rapid.

Instituto Cervantes also offers a broad range of language courses for anyone who wants to build on an existing ability to speak some or competent Spanish. Again, these can be tailored to individuals and start with a “Find Your Level” session. First there is a 35-minute written quiz followed by a 15-m conversation with one of our teachers.

Either learning enough Spanish to greatly enjoy a one-off summer holiday or becoming completely immersed in another culture, Instituto Cervantes truly has something for  everyone!

A guarantee you can speak Spanish in 10 weeks!

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