From Lady Leshurr to...Diarrhea Planet - Sian Parmar picks the hottest tickets from the eclectic festival line-up

With festival season coming to a close you might find yourself in that yearly rut of lounging around, thinking “if only some cool bands were playing in my city soon” – well never fear Leeds friends, and look no further than Beacons Metro.

Following a critically-acclaimed inaugural festival, Beacons Metro returns for a second edition and looks to host yet another killer line-up. Changing it up from last year’s format which had the festival spanning a full season of events, this year Beacons Metro promises to deliver a well-rounded concise week of musical magic.

Formidable band-bookers SuperFriendz boast their eclectic tastes by bringing a mix of artists to the coolest hangouts in Leeds, from huge headliners to the next-big-thing emerging talents. Here’s our pick of who not to miss:

Indie-rock veterans Dinosaur Jr (Wednesday 26 October) - famous for their formative influences on American alt-rock - are set to grace Leeds University Stylus, kicking off the festival in a big way. If you’re into that, the thunderous Fucked Up (Thursday 27 October) should be right up your street. The hardcore legends are bringing their pared-back punk orchestra for a ferocious, chaotic performance. And if that doesn’t sell it to you, they have the wicked Diarrhea Planet as a support, promising nihilistic joy and a guaranteed loud evening.

Maybe noisy punks aren’t your bag and that’s okay too – transport yourself to the Cali sunshine and get lost in the dreamy sounds of Local Natives (Monday 7 November). Boasting melodies that are equally vulnerable as they are big and bold, Local Natives return for their second time on Beacons turf, the previous set taking place at Beacons’ former home on the camp site in Skipton. This is the final show of Beacons Metro this year and one not to be missed, bound to be a perfect round-off to a week of musical festivities.

If you’re a Local Native to Leeds, you’ll be well aware of Hookworms (Friday 28 October). Infamous for their wiry, energetic live shows, they prove to be Leeds finest, promising an electric, highly anticipated set. This unique show sees them take to the stage in Holy Trinity Church, this show should be something pretty special.

Queens Speech Ep 4
Lady Leshurr

None of those taking your fancy? Don’t sweat it. Lady Leshurr (Sunday 30 October) is sure to get those musical juices flowing. With witty rhymes and plenty of punchlines, she’ll have you feeding off of her contagious energy and pulling some shapes all over Belgrave.

Maybe you want something a little more low-key. Well how about some synth-fuelled slow jamz? The Invisible (Friday 28 October) promise indie noughties inspired R&B with deep grooves, and collaborations with the likes of SuperFriendz favourite Connan Mockasin. They’re also bringing a great host of supports with them too, including Jamie Isaac, the South London king of chill, promising to deliver some smooth jazz-influenced sounds.

For something completely different - something that says soul, simplicity, sandy deserts, storms and maybe a dash of sun - Tinariwen (Friday 4 November) tick all of those boxes. The hypnotic guitar-poets bring their electrifying ensemble to Leeds this November and are set to bring all of the sounds and expressions of their people, the Southern Saharan “Touareg” with them. Their blues-infused music takes you on a journey, reflecting both the hardships and beauty of their home in North West Africa in a subtle, powerful way. This is going to be a very special show and will have you mesmerised in the simplicity of their spellbinding instrumentals.

Dinosaur Jr Wednesday 26 October, Leeds Uni Stylus, 7pm, £20 / Fucked Up + Diarrhea Planet Thursday 27 October, Belgrave Music Hall, 8pm, £15 / Hookworms Friday 28 October, Holy Trinity Church, 7pm, £12 / The Invisible + Jamie Isaac + Babeheaven Friday 28 October, Headrow House, 7pm, £10 / Lady Leshurr Sunday 30 October, Belgrave Music Hall, 8pm, £12.50 / Tinariwen Friday 4 November, Belgrave Music Hall, 8pm, £23.50 / Local Natives Monday 7 November, Leeds University Stylus, 7pm, £17.

Prices for Beacons Metro season passes start at £50