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The Y Club's personal trainers tell us how they beat hunger the healthy way

YOU know the scenario. You've just swam half a mile, ran 5k, or completed an intense 60 minutes in the gym. You're feeling wholesome, focused, and (admit it) a tiny bit smug. But also, you're really, really hungry.

Your body needs to refuel and repair itself so the temptation to gorge on carbs is strong. And don't you deserve a sweet treat after all that effort you've just put in?

For many of us, this is where our good intentions fall away. Exercise makes you hungry. Hunger makes you make bad food decisions. So how do you avoid reaching that point in the first place?

We asked three personal trainers from The Y Club in Castlefield – Rich, Reece and Mags – for their advice on what to eat when you work out regularly (ie, at least four times a week). It's not a diet plan – it's a way of eating healthily to fuel an active lifestyle, without undoing your good work.

It's also not about denying yourself enjoyment from food. It has to be tasty or you're not going to eat it.

Here are their suggestions for each meal of the day (and if you're exercising hard, for an extra meal mid afternoon.) At the end you'll find Rich's top five exercises to top up your training routine.

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Eat like a personal trainer:


Reece: Low fat Greek yogurt with granola, blueberries, banana and honey.

Why: It's fresh, full of fibre and protein, and the honey helps increase athletic performance and regulate blood sugar levels. Highly recommended.

More ideas: Porridge with almond milk mixed with honey and bananas and nuts. Oatbran with cinnamon and apple.


Rich: Scrambled eggs on wholegrain bread (four egg whites and two full eggs)

Why: There's lots of protein in the egg whites and healthy fats in the yoke. Wholegrain bread releases energy slowly through the day and keeps you fuller for longer.

More ideas: Grilled seabass fillets seasoned with lemon pepper and garlic salt, with sweet potatoes and spinach with pepper and a tiny drizzle of sweet chilli sauce. Fajitas filled with chicken and vegetables browned in coconut oil.

Mid-afternoon energy booster

Reece: Grilled turkey breasts seasoned with Cajun pepper with couscous and asparagus

Why: For the protein in the turkey and the high levels of amino acids and anti-oxidants in the asparagus. It's good for the skin as well.


Mags: Fish or seafood with vegetables or salad

Why: Fish and seafood are rich in protein and omega 3 acids which are necessary for a healthy body.

More ideas: Pasta with lots of mixed vegetables and tuna in a homemade tomato sauce (processed sauces can be high in sugar). Omelette with peppers, onions and grilled halloumi with sea salt, black pepper and paprika. 


All: Nuts, fruit, hummus with rice cakes.

Why: They're full of vitamins, proteins, and fibre.


All: Lots of water, starting with a pint of water first thing in the morning. Green tea.

Why: Water fires up your metabolism and flushes out toxins from your body. Green tea helps with fat-burning and reduces cholesterol.

Top 5 Exercises

The Y Club team demonstrate their top five exercises for a full body workout.

1) Squat press with kettlebells

Great exercise for when you're short on time. Targets your big muscle groups, legs, shoulders and core, and gets your heart and lungs burning like crazy.


2) Kettlebell swings

A great cardio exercise which targets your glutes, hamstrings, and hip flexors. And your core gets battered.

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3) Press ups

Great body exercise that targets core, chest, arms and shoulders. No equipment needed – you can do them wherever and whenever you want. Different variations so anybody can do them.


4) TRX pike 

A fantastic exercise that batters your core. This is quite an advanced exercise so not for beginners.


5) Turkish get ups

Another great full body exercise that targets your legs, core, shoulders and arms. Again fires up your heart and lungs.