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Super choice, speedy delivery – wherever you are

 MAKE the most of summer with some alfresco dining – but don’t worry about putting together a picnic and carrying it all the way to the park; just order out. Yep, Deliveroo doesn’t just deliver to your house, flat or office – the service will also now drop off food and drink when you’re in the great outdoors, so we thought we’d give it a go.

All you need to do is get a few pals together – pugs and all – grab a rug or three and head to the nearest green space in the city. Then just make yourself at home, open up the Deliveroo app on your phone, type in where you are and pick whatever you fancy within delivery distance – in our case, pizza, pasta, pop…

2017 07 27 Deliveroo Vaps Park 13

We were having a healthy vs. unhealthy day (there were four of us, after all, so arguments were inevitable), but as city-centre restaurant Vapiano has it all, we got seafood salad and gluten-free veggie risotto alongside our garlic bread and meaty feasts.

2017 07 27 Deliveroo Vaps Park 17
2017 07 27 Deliveroo Vaps Park 5

And with drinks delivered too, plus sweets, and even cutlery, we really brought the indoors out – without having to lift a finger (well, apart from to tap a screen).

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