The famous Leeds brewery is back with a new range

There are few businesses so synonymous with Leeds as Tetley’s. Dating back to 1822, the brewery was the largest in the North of England for much of the nineteenth century and is still the second-highest selling bottled ale in the world, despite its takeover by Carlsberg in 1998 and the closure and demolition of the old brewery in 2012.

Now, Tetley’s are back with a new range - their first in four years. The launch this month will include Tetley’s No. 3 Pale Ale, which has been inspired by the company’s first recipe back in 1868. There will also be a more modern, heavily-hopped Tetley’s Golden Ale, which will be full of the citrussy notes that are now so familiar to craft beer fans.

Tetley’s are also launching a new logo this year, including new branding that is based on the original coat of arms from the nineteenth century. The symbols used will reference their maltster heritage and will be part of a drive to breathe new life into the brand. 

2018 10 10 Tetley
The new Tetley’s No. 3 Pale Ale

Of course, the original Tetley’s HQ lives on in the guise of The Tetley - a massive centre for contemporary art bearing the name of its famous incumbents. Galleries, exhibitions, festivals and an excellent bar/kitchen have all found their home inside the historic building, and they’re committed to supporting local and emerging artists through the Tetley’s Associate Arts Programme (TAAP).

This year, Emii Alrai, Alice Chandler, Michaela Cullen and Harlan Whittingham will receive sponsored support from Tetley’s in a year-long blended mentoring programme. The recipients of the sponsorship were chosen by a panel of representatives, including the Artistic Director of The Tetley and Head of Exhibitions at The Henry Moore Institute.