The Leeds-born chef also says making Yorkshire Puddings should become part of the National Curriculum

Leeds’ most famous celebrity chef, Marco Pierre White, has called for kids across the country to learn how to make a good Yorkshire pud, while also, somehow, taking a swipe at the EU.

The chef - who closed his New York Italian in Leeds suddenly in August last year - railed against frozen alternatives and called for the Yorkie to be added to the national curriculum, while warning European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker to keep his hands off our puddings. (Not that he wants them)

So there you go, the solution to a polarised Brexit-weary Britain: teaching kids to make Yorkshire puddings

Speaking on behalf of the Black & White Hospitality group (but mostly likely written by a PR and attributed to the chef), MPW said: "We may be handing over billions as part of the divorce bill but not even Jean-Claude Juncker will be able to take away one of our most loved and adored British staples.”

The statement also says: 'With the country careering its way towards the Brexit door, the famed chef and restauranteur wants to make sure that something which is not only unique to the UK, but is very much a quintessential British tradition, is revered as an example that stands true to the country’s values.'

Yes, you may take our North Sea fish stock, but you will never take our PUDDIIIIINGS!

Yorkshire Puddings
Hands off, Juncker

Back to the pudding-school thing, MPW says: “No roast dinner should be ever served without a Yorkshire pudding... that’s why, when I’m putting together my menu for my Steakhouse restaurants, it’s the first thing that goes on.

“It’s one of those things I miss the most when abroad. They just don’t seem to get it abroad and can never get it right. I always look forward to enjoying a Yorkshire pudding when I get home from my travels. 

“They’re easy to make and delicious to eat and no one should be put off making this British classic. That’s why I think all school children, right across the UK, should be taught how to cook the perfect Yorkshire."

So there you go, the solution to a polarised Brexit-weary Britain: teaching kids to make Yorkshire puddings, a la Marco.

Confidential called Mr Juncker to ask if he intended to heed the chef's warning and keep his hands off our Yorkshire puds. He said: "Vat is dat? Who iz he?"