The bottle shop/cafe will be missed. But fear not, you can still pick up these bits.

IT'S always a shame when an independent shop has to close, but with Tall Boys, it stung just that little bit harder. 

Tucked away in the Thornton's Arcade, it was known as a humble but welcoming bottle shop, but so much more too: an events space, café, and, thanks to it’s upstairs area, one of the most peaceful places in the city centre to sit and enjoy a coffee.

Perhaps this quietness was the problem. So often, we don’t know what we have until it’s gone. We chalk up bars, restaurants and shops on our 'one day' list, then continue to visit the same old spots. We're all guilty of it. 

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Tall Boys may have gone, but you can still find their stuff elsewhere

If recent closures at Ham & Friends, Ricci’s Tapas and now Tall Boys prove anything, it’s that the fragility of Leeds's independent scene is no joke. The equation is pretty simple; if there’s not enough punters through the doors, it becomes impossible to make things work.

For those who knew it, Tall Boys will be missed. But it's not too late to pick up a seeded sourdough loaf, to snap up that ceramic piece you never quite got round to buying, or perhaps you’re simply curious about what you missed.

Here are some of the brands that have outlasted the shop, ready and waiting for your support...

Leeds Bread Co-Op

Anybody who has dared to adorn a Caraway Seed Loaf from Leeds Bread Co-Op with a mashed avocado will know, that in the millennial struggle between keeping up both rent payments and daily avo intake, a roof over your head comes an easy second. Fresh, vibrant and with a healthy shelf life, the work that goes into the loaves at Leeds Bread Co-Op is nothing short of wizardry. And although you’ll no longer to be able to lay your hands on a loaf at Tall Boys, Leeds Bread Co-Op still stock the likes of Laynes, Out Of This World and House of Koko (or you can sign up to their bread subscription). Trust us – your Warbutons seedy loaf is about to look basic AF.

Leeds Bread Co-op 

The Plant Room

Purveyors of all things leafy and floral, The Plant Room know the value of oxygenating your space. They were well-known at Tall Boys for their cute succulents and hanging displays, but their range extends to all manner of botanical styling and installations. You can see their handiwork in Eye Room, as well as a pop-up collaboration with Harvey Nichols. A regular of local events and fairs, they’ve also commissioned the Plant Room series, a curation of prints from local artists including Rob Bailey, Dominic Kesterton and Lucy Ketchin. Snap up your faves from their website.

The Archipelago, Tower Works, Globe Road, Leeds, LS11 5QG

Clod Studio

Brainchild of Poppy Davies, it was Clod Studio’s ceramics that so perfectly cradled the velvety lattes served in Tall Boys. But do not despair, as Poppy’s own webstore has all the brush-stroked crockery we knew and loved, including plates, cups, bowls and some particularly funky tote bags. Clod Studio are also responsible for some of the prints in The Plant Room’s series, and often make an appearance at Sheaf Street, Short Press and Sunnybank Mills. 

Clod Studio

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Northern Monk

Tall Boys was of course known for it’s enviable collection of beers, so it’s understandable that its demise has left a hop-shaped space in our hearts. Luckily, their selection of Northern Monk brews are still readily available in the city. Particular recommendations include the Bombay Dazzler, found in Bundobust, and the rather wonderfully named 'Don’t Mess With Yorkshire Ale', available in the brewery tap at the Old Flax Store in Holbeck. And there are a number of other beer shops to try in the city, including Little Leeds Beerhouse, a pleasingly-Scandi affair located in the Corn Exchange, and Growlers Beer Shop, up on Headingley High Street.

Northern Monk Brewery, The Old Flax Store, Marshall's Mills, Holbeck, LS11 9YJ

Lady Saliva

You’ll probably have seen the Tall Boys totes paraded around town by anyone who’s anyone (in beer land, at least), but chances are you had no idea where these bags, featuring wonky Simpsons characters, came from. Enter Lady Saliva, the artist behind the prints and a bloody good illustrator/animator to boot. Her Instagram hasn’t been updated in a while, but you can still find her work on Tumblr, or keep your eyes peeled for local gig flyers featuring her scrappy creations. 

Lady Saliva

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