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Taste The Real Street Food of India At Indian Tiffin Room

THERE'S a new Indian restaurant landing in Leeds this Summer – a lively street food offering, with tongue-tantilising dishes and tangy cocktails.

The flavours are fresh, lively and burst on your tongue.

Indian Tiffin Room prides itself in a fresh-from-the-stove eating experience. With established restaurants in Manchester and Cheadle, the chain is fast becoming a favourite with lovers of real, Indian cuisine. All spices are carefully ground by hand – and are added to the food during the final moments of preparation. This keeps the flavours fresh, lively and bursting on your tongue.

Everything at ITR is freshly prepared – no overnight fridge stays or freezer storage. The ingredients are carefully sourced, shipped over from India and delivered by local suppliers. And there's a special Tiffin Room twist on every dish – not your typical curry house menu.

In preparation for the Leeds opening, we decided to sample a few of Manchester's most popular dishes – to give you a little insight of what to expect from this exciting new restaurant.

We're good to you like that.

Gobi Manchurian Low Res

Gobi Manchurian

This is a vegetarian dish, packed with flavour and exciting textures. It's expertly prepared in moments – you can imagine this served to busy passers-by on the roadsides of East India. Influenced by the movement of Chinese immigrants, this spicy cauliflower dish is cooked directly in a high flame – the Chinese way – served on a bed of shredded carrots and sweet red onion.

The result is a sticky, flavoursome concoction with flashes of sweetness, crunchy textures and a delicious heat on the tip of your tongue. Surprisingly moreish – it certainly changed our view of boring old cauliflower. We'll never eat cauliflower cheese with the same vigor again. 

Cocktail to serve with: Icy Spicy Chatpata

Itr Chicken Low Res

Indian Tiffin Room (ITR) Chicken

A delectable mix of spices and aromas which you won't experience anywhere else. And not just because of the sensational flavours – but the carefully guarded secret of the combination of spices.

Chef Selvan taps his nose mysteriously, when we ask what makes ITR Chicken taste so good. He puts it down to a surprise mix of 12 expertly selected spices – a blend which is exclusive to ITR. We try to pinpoint them individually on our tongue, but the result is so exotic, we can only savour the flavour.

The namesake curry offers an all-over-India experience – the flavours inspired from all parts of the country. It's the only dish on the menu which gives you a true taste of India – North, South, East and West – in one, perfectly balanced mouthful.

Cocktail to serve with: Imli Margarita

Nawabi Kofta Low Res

Nawabi Kofta Curry

Another interesting vegetarian dish. We're taken aback by the gorgeous combination of flavours in this delicious and wholesome curry. The koftas are almost spongy in texture – light and surprising, packed with vegetables, potatoes and paneer. The sauce is mild and delicate, finished with yogurt and fresh coriander.

On the whole, this is a creamy, gentle dish we're told is inspired by the old kingdom – back when Moughal rulers had authority over North India. This is the type of dish which would be served in the royal quarters, around the 12th – 16th centuries. An ancient favourite, given an Indian Tiffin Room twist.

And honestly, anything good enough for royalty is certainly good enough for us. We wash it back with a tangy cocktail, lean back in our chairs and consider taking an after-dinner-nap.

Cocktail to serve with: Indian Summer Passion

Watch this space. Click here to visit the website.