The date and location for this year's contest - aka battle royale with cheese - has been announced

War, huh? What is it good for? Absolutely ruddy sod all. I mean, it does a pretty handy job of curbing the rise of fascism, but apart from that, nowt. There are so many more pacifistic ways of solving arguments, like Swingball or a foot-race or a good old popularity contest. That's exactly how differences are going to be put aside at the return of Battle of a Burger this Autumn.

Two years ago Newcastle's Fat Hippo were crowned champion at the inaugural brawl at Canal Mills, and now six more vendors from all over the country will be entering Northern Monk Refectory on Friday 20 and Saturday 21 October - but only one will leave.

Followed shortly by the other five when they've finished packing up their griddles and mince.

Each contender will be flogging a burger for £3 a pop, the only stipulation is that the patty weight must be 100g (just underneath a quarter-pounder, so we're talking McDonalds prices here) - bun, sauces, cheese, toppings, and gherkin-presence will be up to the chefs. The judges (that's everybody who buys a burger) then rate, review, and vote for the winner on the event's iPhone and Android app, with the winner being announced on the Saturday.

As well as burgers and Northern Monk's finest beers (including the latest Patrons Project releases) there'll be DJs and entertainment throughout the venue, inside and out.

And so... 2017's Battle of the Burger. They came they saw... they served up a beast of a burger and for the third year in a row... we're delighted to announce holders of the crown are... @lolajeansbar Not only did they manage to secure the volume sales record, they also presented a bang on brief slider packed with innovation flavour and value. Let's take a moment to savour the James P Sullivan Made the Lolas way... two hand crafted ground beef patties, mature cheddar, prime rump steak, shoestring onions, creamy steak sauce, Tennessee bbq drip, red onion jam, and pickled onion Monster Munch to top it all off. Congratulations to team Lola's Can they do 4 in a row? Watch out for the next BOTB x @benhughesphoto 📸
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If you can't wait to give your opinion on burger-related matters, the event organisers are running a vote on their Facebook page to decide who does the best burgers in Leeds. You can vote here - at the time of publishing Almost Famous was storming ahead, which is further proof that democracy just does not work.

Battle of the Burgers. Northern Monk Refectory. Friday 20 & Saturday 21 October. Website