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We went along to experience first-hand, Gusto’s bi-annual menu overhaul

THIS week we were invited to the grand unveiling of the Gusto Spring/Summer ’17 menu.  An elaborate affair amid Gusto’s signature dark wood tones and twinkling tree lights, where the wine flowed freely and our palates were treated to something truly special.

This is a well-established Italian restaurant in the heart of the city centre. A venue favoured by families, couples and groups alike – a restaurant which has something suit any occasion, and a real treat to hundreds of diners visiting month on month, to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or simply to enjoy a formal outing.

Perhaps it is the opulent surroundings, the attentive waiting staff – or the skill with which the food is prepared and served to your table with a flourish – which keeps these four walls bustling with activity, even during the usual quiet mid-week lull.  

Certainly, Gusto’s highly anticipated bi-annual showcase – where the menu is flipped and overhauled to suit the changing seasons – is reason in itself to visit.

Particularly with dishes like these.

What to order on Gusto’s Spring/Summer Menu

To Start

Plum Tomato & Basil Tart

This is a lovely, delicate dish which is light and easy to digest. The pastry is beautifully crumbly, and the sweet flavour of tomato works perfectly with the cutting undertone of balsamic.

One to try if you don’t want to overface yourself. 

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The Fondue Board

A very strong truffled toma cheese, in a rich fondue which is thick and weighty – the perfect consistency for dunking carrot sticks and crunchy celery. The sweet flavour of the veggies is the ideal complement to such a strong dairy. A naughty treat which is sticky and messy.

One to try if you’ve never experienced fondue cheese.

Smoked Salmon & Mascarpone

A rich, creamy dish with lively pickled cucumber and a dash of citrus. The smoky fish and heady mascarpone is balanced with crunchy artisan bread.

One to try if you have an appetite. 

20170420 Gusto Springmenu 4


Beef Fillet Carpaccio Salad

An exquisite addition to the menu, and a welcome change to the usual salads thrown into the mix at this time of year, this is a perfectly balanced dish which ticks every box. The beef is sliced into pink, moist ribbons and tossed onto a bed of fresh greens and crunchy radish. The soy is cool and tangy – a pleasing little punch.

One to try if you fancy something light, but flavoursome.

Garganelli Primavera

A hearty dish which is carefully prepared and expertly presented. The pasta is fresh and firm – just soft enough to yield to the creamy cheese sauce, but not too soft as to lose its shape. The vegetables are chosen for colour, as well as flavour – and prepared al dente with a lovely crunch to every bite.

One to try if you’re feeling hungry.

20170420 Gusto Springmenu 11

Seared Lemon & Pepper Tuna Steak

A good piece of tuna is testament to any well-respected Italian, and this piece of fish is certainly that. It is seared to perfection, with a beautiful pink centre and soft flakes which simply fall away from the fork with every strike. Moist, filling and with a delicate hint of mint.

One to try if you’ve only ever had tuna from a tin.

20170420 Gusto Springmenu 12


Vanilla flavoured panna cotta

Almost milky in texture, this is a super soft and creamy dessert which is light, bouncy and just the right size to finish off a large meal. The tang of balsamic and sharp strawberry flavours balance the vanilla perfectly.

One to try if you’re too full for cake.

Fan of classic Gusto? Don’t worry. You can still enjoy all the Gusto classics – like dough balls, pizza and pasta dishes – alongside the new Spring/Summer ’17 additions.

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Gusto Restaurant & Bar, 10 Greek St, Leeds LS1 5RU

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