You know that Coca Cola advert where the lorry drives around the North Pole, melting ice caps with its exhaust fumes and distracting road users with its hazardous illumination? Of course you do, it's means the official start to the festive season, right?!

Er, no.

You're not far off, just replace the coke lorry with a big turquoise one, driven by a bloke called Sid, pulling out of the Greggs factory and onto the Stanningley Bypass, and you're spot on. In 2017, the festive season officially starts when Greggs Festive Bake hits stores. And that's this week.

171106 Festive Bake 1

The combination of chicken breast, bacon, stuffing, and cranberry in a sage white sauce has earned a cult following over the past decade or so, rightfully placing it among other festive institutions such as "comedy" jumpers and changing your status to "The best way to spread Christmas Cheer is singing loud for all to hear" when Channel 4 does its annual Sunday afternoon elf screening.

This year the festive season officially begins on Thursday 9 November, when the 'bake hits stores along with Greggs' other Christmas specials including a Christmas sandwich (standard), Christmas toastie (now you have my attention), and Christmas lunch soup (guaranteed curiosity-smash).

Is anybody else going to be too excited to sleep on Festive Bake Eve?...