It’s mostly cheese to be fair, plus an outstanding piece of fish

Here is our round up some of the best things our food writers have eaten in and around Leeds this month from scary looking cod to the best pad Thai in the city.

2018 10 01 Best Dishes Leeds Feed Cod

Cod, Feed (£11)

It really should come as no surprise that Feed is a damn good restaurant, given the pedigree of head chef Jono Hawthorne and owner Luke Downing (the former has worked at Man Behind the Curtain and Copenhagen’s Noma; the latter is behind Dough Bistro, Aperitivo and Vice and Virtue). Of Feed’s four main courses, the stand-out has to be the cod. The secret behind its unbelievable melt-in-the-mouth texture of the fish and the knock-out flavour is the bonito butter - that’s butter with flaked tuna in it. It’s cooked long and slow, before being served under a striking black cloak of seaweed that immediately makes me think of Michael O’Hare’s seminal black cod dish. For me, this is every bit as good – and I don’t say that lightly. Simon Richardson

Feed, 163 Richardshaw Lane, Leeds LS28 6AA

2018 10 01 Pizza Fella Best Dishes

Prosciutto and Pesto Pizza, Pizza Fella (£10.50)

The Pizza Fella is my kind of guy; humble, non-greasy and er, extremely tasty? That analogy may have fallen apart quite quickly, but my latest visit certainly didn’t. Having frequented their establishment regularly over the past year, I broke out of my tomatoey comfort zone to try something a little different – their pesto and prosciutto number. Blending the gentle creaminess of cheese with the saltiness of ham, the toppings contrast beautifully with the gently-preened lightness of dough. It’s easily the closest to real Napolean pizza that I have tried in this country (and trust me, I ate A LOT when I visited Naples last summer). Free from the carb-heavy guilt of your normal pizza joint, I think I’ve found my one true fella, and our future together is looking serious. Jenessa Williams

Pizza Fella, 114-116 Vicar Ln, Leeds LS2 7NL

2018 10 01 Best Dishes Leeds Sc

MorMor takeover at Northern Monk (£15 for 6 dishes)

I once said I didn't like sharing. This is a big statement for someone born in Cyprus, where a meal's not a meal unless it's a meze. If, like me, you're big on vegetables, and think that Middle Eastern flavours beat any other kind of flavours, and you'd rather be related to Ottolenghi than your own father, then get yoursen to Northern Monk before the MorMor takeover ends. For £15 you can try six small plates (main image); including harissa and sumac cauliflower wings, muhammara (image above), super seed dukkah falafel, and za'atar halloumi fries. Bring friends with small appetites, and reach for the flatbreads unashamedly. It’s on until the end of October. Sarah Cotterill 

Northern Monk, The Old Flax Store, Marshalls Mill, Marshall St, Leeds LS11 9YJ

2018 10 01 Best Dishes Leeds Halloumi Kr

Grilled Halloumi Salad, Hepworth’s Deli (£6.50)

At that particular interval of Saturday that bridges the gap between brunch and lunch, I discovered the perfect, halloumi-based solution. Delivering just the right balance of salty, squeaky protein and freshness (thanks to a colourful mound of crisp veg), Hepworth’s grilled halloumi salad packs more punch than your average pile of leaves. Complete with fresh tzatziki and mixed with lemon couscous to make it that bit more substantial, it’s perfect with a side of the deli’s legendary sweet potato fries (£2, if you were wondering). Kate Ryrie

Hepworth’s Deli, 21 Thorntons Arcade, Leeds LS1 6LQ

2018 10 01 Best Dishes Leeds Am

Tofu Pad Thai and Tempura Vegetables, Mommy Thai £7.95

Mommy Thai is small and reminds me of all the little lunch spots on Koh San Road in Bangkok, lots of cute and chintzy touches in the decor. We got the lunch deal, costing £7.95 for two courses. The Tofu Pad Thai had just the right level of tamarind sweetness, and a little acidity from the lemon on the side. The peanuts are served on the side too so you can customise the dish to your preference. This is the best Pad Thai I’ve had in Leeds, and I also ordered some tempura veg which was light and crispy, the batter was spot on. Usually I don’t stray away from Thai Aroy Dee, but I will definitely be visiting this affordable spot again soon. Anja Madhvani

Mommy Thai, 7 Duncan Street, Leeds, LS1 6DQ