IN THE WORDS of Melisandre, R’hllor, Lord of the Light, is “a god of light and love and joy” and “provides light, heat, and life, and struggles against darkness and cold”

Expect medieval decor, themed cocktails, traditional ales, and meat feasts fit for Bobby Baratheon

It’s fitting, then, that a new pop-up bar in The Light will be providing plenty of joy, heat, and life against the darkness and cold of Leeds city centre in the winter, in the form of a Game of Thrones-themed pop-up bar.

On Friday 25 November (aka Black Friday, when the night is really dark and full of terrors), Stark’s Tavern begins a two week residency in the old Cafe Rouge unit downstairs in the Headrow leisure complex, every evening between 5pm and 10pm.

That means medieval decor, themed cocktails like The Three Eyed Raven, Mother of Dragons, and North of the Wall, traditional ales, meat feasts fit for Bobby Baratheon, and er, antipasti and nibbles. Must be a Dorne thing.

On the launch night you can claim the Iron Throne for yourself (warning though, sitting it is a thousand times harder than winning it...), and meet a Jon Snow lookalike - let’s just hope he’s a bit more charismatic than the real thing. If somebody who looks like The Hound turns up demanding chickens, point him in the direction of Nando’s next door.

The Light will be running a “Dial-a-wolf” competition prior to the launch, where you can tweet them and get the team to visit your office with real bloody Direwolves. Keep an eye on their Twitter for full details.

Stark’s Tavern opens at 5pm on Friday 25 November.

The Light, Headrow, LS1 8TL