It's the acceptable face of cannibalism

A new pop-up is coming to Trinity Leeds this November which lets you get a 3D selfie of your own face, carved out of chocolate, right in front of your eyes.

Billed as the "ultimate edible selfie experience" (thought we're not sure there's much competition in that category) Candy Mechanics will take a perfect 3D scan of your head which is then scaled down and carved out of a block of chocolate by a robot.

The true-to-life creations are great gifts for distant friends who miss your face, a great snack for narcissists, or an ideal Christmas selection box for Arya Stark.

The whole process takes just five minutes (For comparison, that slacker Michaelangelo took two years to sculpt David) and the robot gets to work on your kisser inside a clear perspex box, so you can watch it recreate every dashing cheekbone or smouldering smize. Each "Lolpop" is then coated in a fine layer of gold lustre, because who doesn't look better with a bit of highlighter?

It's not just a gimmick, either Candy Mechanics is a collaboration with William Leigh, former chief taster at Green & Blacks, so your 3D selfie is going to taste every bit as good as you look. Each one costs £7, and can be made from white, milk, or dark chocolate. 

Candy Mechanics Edible Selfie Pop-up takes residency on Trinity Leeds' ground floor bridge link (Between Next and Rox) from Friday 3 November to Sunday 26 November