Smooth Me Now tames even the curliest of manes, and results last up to three months

With party season now well underway, you want to look your best - and hair is a top priority (quite literally). Yet the damp, cold winter weather and effects of central heating often leave tresses feeling dry and frizzy.

With so many hair treatments promising to help, it’s hard to know which to trust. But we’ve found one that really does what it says - Smooth Me Now - tested first-hand by Confidentials’ campaign manager Debora. 

Hob Salon Applying Treatment

The video above speaks for itself. Even more amazingly, this revolutionary anti-frizz treatment takes just fifteen minutes to work, and the results last two to three months depending on how much you wash your hair and the type of shampoo you use (sulphate and paraben-free is best).

Hob Salon Frizzy Hair Hob Salon Straight Front On

Those with curly hair can have a radical change like Debora and go poker straight, or enjoy curls that are much softer and less frizzy. The treatment works on straighter hair too; making it shinier, healthier and easier to style.

Smooth Me Now costs just £90, not bad for two months minimum of luscious locks. Now time to dig out that outfit…

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