Now available to buy on Market Street, would you wear these shoes?

Disney platforms with Dumbo ears, ruby slippers that glow in the dark and wedges that double up as a snow globe… Manchester’s latest fashion opening is certainly far from the typical.

Famed for its wacky footwear, Irregular Choice has opened its first standalone store in Manchester. 

Situated on The Royal Exchange end of Market Street, it’s a kaleidoscopic shopping experience featuring more glitter and sequins than your average Pantomime. Though the brand has been making unique footwear for the past 30 years, it boasts just five stores around around the UK (we guess they're a bit niche).

Manchester shoppers can browse Irregular Choice's exclusive Disney collection

18 11 16 Irregular Choice Manchester
Irregular Choice is now open on Market Street

In store, Manchester shoppers can browse Irregular Choice's exclusive Disney collection, featuring illustrations of your favourite characters. 

Prices across the collections span from £80 to £200. Not cheap, sure. But you are purchasing a unique work of art, with some shoes more suitable for a display cabinet than pounding the pavement.

Full of fun and fantasy, Irregular Choice has brought a touch of childlike wonder to Manchester's high street. After all, fashion can get incredibly serious when you’re an adult. Sartorial this. Textures that. Remember the days when all you’d need was a gemstone headband and some jelly sandals to be considered the height of cool? Of course, we were only nine back then. 

Still not convinced? Well, the heavily embellished accessories are said to be worn by Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry and even Whoopi Goldberg. 

Want to see more? Watch as Body Confidential tries some of Irregular Choice's bestsellers (video above).

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