The new HOB Salons Hale team explain why they’re a cut above

HOB Salons has opened in Hale, with a beautiful premises and experienced stylists and therapists offering superb cuts, standout colour, same-day blowdrys, stunning beauty treatments and stellar service seven days a week, and at great prices. We chatted to HOB to find out more about the team and what we can expect next time we book in…

ManCon: Your new salon in Hale is the first outside Greater London – what made you branch out up North, and why Hale in particular?

HOB Salons: The new franchise owners, Hayley and Mark, are locals who already had a very loyal following and knowledge of the area, so Hale was the perfect location! It’s a great area that is inhabited by our target market of women who love to look and feel good, with a beautiful high street, and most importantly a strong sense of community, which we’re looking forward to embracing.

There’s a new and fresh energy and some super-talented team-members, and we’re all loving working together and building a fabulous salon.

ManCon: Do you have plans to expand further outside the South East?

HOB Salons: We’re always keen to hear from potential new franchise salon owners, and if there’s a suitable area that we feel holds a good business opportunity, we’d be open to hearing about it!

ManCon: What’s in a name? What does HOB stand for?

HOB Salons: HOB stands for Hair On Broadway. The first salon (Hair On Broadway) was opened by Paul Simbler and Clive Collins on Mill Hill Broadway in 1983, inspired by the glitz and glam of Broadway in New York. The company mission was to bring West End-quality hairdressing to the suburbs of London. Hair On Broadway was rebranded to HOB Salons in 1994.

ManCon: The brand has been going for over 30 years – what’s the story of its success?

HOB Salons: It’s 35 years as of this year – we celebrated with a massive party for all our staff. There’s an ethos which the company stands by: ‘Creativity, Consistency, Service.’ This makes up the ‘triangle’ created by the personal strengths of the three directors, Akin, Clive and Paul. Our training academy also plays a huge role in nurturing talent within the company and ensuring our standards of hairdressing are second to none. Other than that, there’s no secret – just hard work, dedication and talented staff.

The Crop And The Alexa

ManCon: How has the team in Hale come together?

HOB Salons: There’s a new and fresh energy in the salon and some super-talented team-members, and we’re all loving working together and building a fabulous salon.

ManCon: What skills and experience do the team members bring?

HOB Salons: Together, Hayley and Mark have over 35 years’ hairdressing and management experience, and they have carefully recruited some fabulous talent, including specialists in colour, Brazilian smoothing treatments and of course the beautiful bouncy blowdry.

ManCon: Should we be looking out for anything that sets you apart from the pack?

HOB Salons: We’ve actually just launched a brand-new pricelist which includes some really exciting – and better value – additions. The menu features inexpensive and quick Colour Maintenance Packages (so you can keep up your colour quickly and cheaply without having to resort to box dye) such as the Tone + Go (toner and blowdry, £35), Rapid Roots (hairline and parting tint and blowdry, £40) and Insta-Lights (12 foil highlights and blowdry, £45). There’s also the Olaplex Blowdry for £45, new men’s services from £10, Dry Styling for £15 and our already very popular £20 On the Day Blowdry – just walk in or call up for a blowdry on the same day.

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ManCon: Do you have own-brand products or use any special treatments?

HOB Salons: We offer Olaplex and Wellaplex – treatments that repair your hair, help to prevent further damage during the colouring process and fix broken bonds caused by colouring – it truly is a revolution in the hair industry and we always recommend one of these services when a client is having their hair coloured. We also use and retail premium high-end brands such as Wella System Professional.

ManCon: What else does the Hale salon offer, aside from hair services?

HOB Salons: We have a resident Massage Therapist, Martin Feast, who has over six years’ experience specialising in sports and deep tissue massage, along with Swedish, soft tissue, pregnancy and acupressure, and offers services from the rooms inside the salon. We have also just started working with Miss Jaimes Aesthetics, who offer lip-plumping, Botox, anti-ageing procedures and much more. It’s great we can offer clients such a wide range of services under one roof.

ManCon: Finally, do we need an appointment or can we just drop in?

HOB Salons: We recommend making an appointment for weekends or busy periods like around Valentine's Day – but we usually keep one or two spots free for walk-ins as well, so do come in and see us, even if just for a coffee and a chat. We look forward to welcoming you to HOB Salons Hale!

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