The Made In Chelsea star shares his diet secrets in our latest #WhatIEat

New Body Confidential series sharing the daily eating habits of people living and working in Manchester. #WHATIEAT

Name: Oliver Proudlock

Occupation: Made In Chelsea star, fashion designer and fitness fanatic. 

Proudlock is an ambassador for Fresh Fitness Food, a nutrition service that delivers pre-made healthy meals to fitness enthusiasts nationwide. In our latest #WhatIEat, Proudlock shares his favourite meals from the plan and explains how he fuels his body.

How many meals do you eat in a typical day? 

"Four meals a day. I'll have my first breakfast at 5.30am, then my second at 8am. Lunch is at 1pm and dinner is at 8pm."

How many calories? 

"I eat 1800 from my FFF meal subscription, plus about 800 from my own food."


"I like to mix between sweet and savoury for breakfast. If it's savoury, my favourite is an omelette, like the FFF Cavolo nero and herb omelette which comes with dressed beetroot and baby spinach. If it's sweet it's got to be waffles."

2018 12 13 Oliver Proudlock Turmeric High Protein Waffles


"Lunch is where I like to take on my main carb portion, so something like the Gaeng Om beef curry with a load of veg, and a good source of complex carbs is just the dish to hit the spot." 

2018 12 13 Oliver Proudlock Gaeng Om Beef Curry Steamed Bok Choi


"I love the new veggie dishes the FFF team have added to the menu, so often I opt for one of those for dinner. The Tempeh and Okra curry is a firm favourite." 

2018 12 13 Oliver Proudlock Tempeh And Ocra Curry Toasted Cumin Seeds And Cabbage

What do you eat pre-workout? 

"FFF Vegan Snickers."

Post workout?

"It has to be an Optimum Nutrition protein shake, usually at 7am after training 6-7am ."

2018 12 13 Oliver Proudlock 2


"I'm a sucker for sweet snacks, whether it's FFF's lemon and matcha balls or their infamous Protein Oreos - I'm in. I also love the Optimum Nutrition protein bites. I usually snack at 11am and 4pm."

What's the biggest misconception about your diet? 

"That it's low carb. I work hard and train hard, so carbs are a must to keep me fuelled." 

Is your diet easy to stick to? 

"Yes, it arrives on my doorstep every single day, prepped and packed to suit me. Could it get any easier?"

Favourite cheat food 


Fresh Fitness Food is available nationwide with prices starting from £23 per day for three meals. For more information, visit the website.