PT Mark Ross talks calories and cheat food in our latest #WhatIEat

Body Confidential series sharing the daily eating habits of people living and working in Manchester. #WHATIEAT

Name: Mark Ross
Occupation: Personal Trainer at the newly opened Barry’s Bootcamp 

How many meals do you eat in a typical day?

"I eat three to four main meals depending on if training late."

How many calories?

"I should probably eat more, but I average on 3000."


"Usually porridge oats with blueberries, cinnamon, whey protein and peanut butter."


"We prep our food on Sundays, so for lunch it's usually chicken, pasta and veg."


"Dinner is a home-cooked meal, normally fish with potatoes and veg."


"A Myprotein bar and a strong dose of caffeine!"


"Usually a protein shake or I'll just wait 'til my next meal."


"I snack on Myprotein bars, yoghurts, fruit, rice cakes and dark chocolate."

What's the biggest misconception about your diet?

"People think I constantly diet on low calories, but the truth is, because of how many calories I burn, I can get away with a lot.

Is your diet easy to stick to?

"Yes. I love my diet. I eat healthy foods which taste great and are low(er) in calories, so when I do go out and have some ‘bad’ food it won’t affect my overall diet. Your diet should be a lifestyle and something you can stick to long term."

Favourite cheat food?

"As I said above I can usually get away with smaller treats here and there but if I’m going all-out then I can fully devour a large pizza, sides and dessert."

Favourite place to eat in Manchester?

"El Gato Negro is an amazing tapas restaurant and like above.. let’s me order lots of different things."

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