THE SPA At The Midland and Mr Cooper's House & Garden have teamed up to create a very special package. Here at Confidential, we couldn't wait to try it out. A two-course lunch at Mr Cooper's and a morning or an afternoon of pure spa pampering – at just £49, how could we resist?

Everything is beautifully designed - a perfect blend of form and function

Swapping the computer screen for robes is a pretty idyllic start to the week. Everything about The Spa At The Midland is high spec. It's not ostentatious but everything is beautifully designed – a perfect blend of form and function. From the swan neck fountain in the pool to the amber glow of the backlit Himalayan salt blocks in the sauna, it's a beautiful place and one where you feel instantly at ease.

Pool with Swan Neck Fountain

After a session in both the salt-infused aromatherapy steam room and the aforementioned Himalayan rock salt Alder-wood sauna, skin feels fresher and cleaner. Not only are they both great for opening your pores and letting out the grime of city living, but the salt also helps with respiratory and circulatory systems. Perfect for a detox or post-gym cleanse.

Himalayan rock salt sauna

The thermal experience shower is unlike anything we've tried before. A combination of light, heat and aromatherapy, it has a range of different invigorating settings. Tropical rain was a particular favourite; the cooling mist spray blended with warm raindrops was perfect after the jacuzzi.

As for the pool, it's a serene and cool space in the midst of all the steamy attractions round about. The temperature provides a delightful contrast, yet it's still warm enough to relax in. The swan neck fountain is like a watery massage, pummelling away the tension in your shoulders; an ideal preparation for the relaxation room where you can't fail to find peace and calm.

The hanging cacoons are visually stunning. Swinging gently, but fully supported like reclining in an ergonomic hammock, they are the ultimate in relaxation. With the soft lighting, we would have drifted off if it wasn't for nagging deadlines.

Hanging cacoons

We left the detox teas and the sanctuary of the spa to round off our Taste Of The Midland experience in Mr Cooper's House and Garden.

Mr Cooper's House and Garden

The package includes a two-course lunch and every dish feels like as much of a treat as the spa. A starter of lamb's liver mixed richness with a light and refreshing take on tzatziki whilst the five-spiced pork main course was sweet and beautiful, packed with oriental flavour. The sweet potato on the plate was mixed with soy caramel, indubitably the best thing that's ever happened to the humble tuber.

Five-Spiced Pork

Across the table, the butter poached hake was perfectly cooked, sat atop a smoked eel risotto that packed a big smoky, fishy punch. A super-sweet desert of caramel tart with mascarpone ice cream was the perfect end to a morning of indulgence.

Caramel Tart with Mascarpone Ice Cream

To enjoy your own Taste Of The Midland, call 0161 410 0270 or email