From crossfit to cardio, where to get your fitspiration this year

You know it’s January when your feed is flooded with fitness tips and tidbits. Everyone and their perfectly papped pooch seems to be a fitness influencer when the months get cooler, flaunting their favourite gym sessions or workout spots. Whilst there’s nothing wrong with sharing your fitness journey, it can be hard to spot the good from the bad, especially when a heavy filter and catchy caption is involved.

So, to help you weed out the fit from the faux, we’ve rounded up our favourite health and fitness influencers from the North. Whatever your health, fitness or wellness goals are for 2019, these guys are sure to keep you on track. 

Claudia Mirallegro

If you’ve ever wondered what all the yoga fuss is about, then it’s time you followed Claudia Mirallegro. The actress-turned yogi has changed her life since retraining as a yoga teacher, serving inspiring yoga workouts, wellness tips and happiness in abundance to her 10k following, plus a dash of wanderlust for good measure.  

Joe Delaney

Think Maths grad and you probably think glasses and a complexion that’s seen more screen time than sunshine. But, Joe Delaney is not your average maths grad. The 28-year-old has stacked up over 230k Instagram followers and over 85k YouTube subscribers through sharing his health, diet and fitness tips. Delaney is making a move on into the Youtuber territory, with an apt for creating videos one everything from his daily diet to workouts and travel advice.   

That Squat Bot

Girls can't lift? Please. Whilst critics have peddled this myth in previous years, Sarah Harradine has been busy smashing her way through new PB's. The PT and Crossfit-enthusiast started out attending body pump class, before realising that her passion for weight-based fitness needed satisfying further - she now has a keen interest in Olympic weightlifting. Harradine's feed is packed full of actionable advice on how to get into weight lifting - a must-follow for anyone who is considering scaling up their gym sesh. 

Luke Hulme

Looking to complete the ultimate body transformation in 2019? Then meet Luke Hulme. The amateur bodybuilder lives and breathes health and fitness, from training to be a PT to placing first in the IFBB Amateur Olympia, a bodybuilding competition that recognised him as the most improved athlete. Whilst the life of a muscle model might sound extreme, Hulme’s feed is far from it – his account is full of down-to-earth advice to ramp up your workout and sculpt the body you want. 

Wedges and Weights

If you’re a new mum who is looking to get more active, then follow Hannah Mills. Whilst some feel the pressure to snap-back to your ‘pre-baby body’ post-pregnancy, the Cheshire-based PT takes a more authentic approach to postpartum fitness with a focus on embracing your new body without the pressures of set time frames. “I’m so in awe of my body – and any female body,” Mills explained when we spoke to her about her new post-pregnancy fitness workout. “We’re so much more than what you see on the outside.” 

Mason Caton-Brown

English super rugby league player Mason Caton-Brown has been spotted in gyms around Manchester, working out alongside his training for Wakefield Trinity. The player was loaned last year to play as a wing or centre for the Toronto Wolfpack in the Betfred Championship. Caton-Brown shares advice on his pre-match workouts advice and favourite HIIT workouts to his following of over 30K.  

Gemma Atkinson

Former Emmerdale actress Gemma Atkinson may be best known for her small screen performances, but the radio presenter has worked hard to make a name for herself in the fitness industry. After undertaking a gruelling bespoke fitness plan from Ultimate Performance, Atkinson reportedly cut her body fat down to a lean 11% and dropped from 72kg to 68.9kg. And she shows no signs of stopping there. Earlier last year, the Strictly Star released her debut fitness clothing range and has since penned her first book documenting her drastic lifestyle change prior to starring on Strictly, which will be released later this year. 

Mark Ross

Lean, energetic and fit – Mark Ross is exactly what you would expect of the portfolio of PTs working Barry’s Bootcamp. When he’s not turbo-charging your workout in the infamous red room, the semi-pro athlete and PT takes to instragram to share health, diet and fitness tips that cut through the fads. 

Lucy Davis 

When it comes to smashing your fitness goals, Lucy Davis is a self-professed “workout Queen”. The former competitive swimmer used to cram in 20 hours of training per week whilst competing internationally, and has since traded competitions for coaching to help women beat their own fitness goals. Davis has co-founded MyCoach School, an online fitness database that offers subscribers access to 100s of videos on workouts, nutrition and training. The team recently won The Best Weight Loss Program at the Fit Pro Awards, an award that recognises independent fitness professionals and Davis’ “12 Weeks to the Perfect Peach” glutes guide has been purchased over 1400 times.

Ben Haldon

If you’re tired of similar fitness influencers peddling the same generic diet tips, then it’s time to follow Ben Haldon. The second half of MyCoach School, Ben Haldon heads up the male fitness programmes for the lifestyle database. Aside from functionable and actionable fitness advice, Haldon brings back the fun to fitness with quirky challenges – including the 10k chocolate eating challenge to demonstrate how to get over the binge-eating many of us indulge in pre-Christmas. Haldon’s approach is down to earth, actionable and has a dash of fun thrown in for good measure.  

Spamella B

New year, new diet yada yada yada… If you’re trying to stay afloat amidst pools of fat-free, fun-free food, then let Spamella B inject a fusion of flavour into your healthy diet plan. The freelance recipe creator is famed for producing mouth-watering dishes that delight both stomach and sight, from overnight oats dripping in cacao and coconut to spicy veggie pulled pork steeped in BQ sauce. Healthy eating has never looked so good.   

Marc McLaren

At 6ft6 and consuming 5,000 calories a day, Marc McLaren is a fitness machine. The Pure Gym manager fits in four meals a day alongside snacks to fuel his active lifestyle and regularly takes to Instagram to share his workout routine alongside motivational tips. A must-follow for anyone looking to scale their fitness levels - just try to keep up.  

Sam Says

Ex-gymnast and PT Samantha McGowan documents her fitness journey on social media alongside her private PT work. Whilst workout videos and fitness advice is expected, it’s McGowan’s relatable and candid attitude towards fitness that makes her a must-follow. The PT has recently signed up to do a triathlon this year – even though “I hate swimming, I don’t own a bike and I can’t run for shit” – to prove that even the toughest of goals can be achieved with the right mentality and training. If Sam says you can do it, then you can bloody well do it. 

Holly Emily Jackson

21-year-old Holly Jackson may be young, but she’s already making her mark in the world of fitness thanks to her no nonsense approach. Jackon’s ‘No BS Fitness’ uses results-based techniques to make an impact on both her client’s and followers’ lifestyles. With over 24,000 and counting of the latter, she’s force to be reckoned with on the fitness scene. 

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