Spend it on cocktails. Spend it on crumpets. Or both?

PRESENT Company on School Lane is one of those bars that seems to inspire affection in pretty much everyone who goes there.

We don't know whether it's the cocktails talking, or the particularly talkative bartenders, but online reviews repeatedly praise the friendly vibe and nice staff. It's what gives the place its atmosphere, which is part hip cocktail bar, part party at your mate's house.

The guys who set it up are award-winning bartenders who worked in some of the top 50 bars in the world before deciding to go it alone.

Frederiks 2

They chose their home town of Liverpool for Present Company because they wanted to do premium cocktails with zero pretension (and London didn't quite fit that bill).

Their drinks list changes regularly but currently features cocktails such as Duster with Havana Club 7 rum, brown butter, pecan caramel, and amontillado sherry (£9). And Red Dress: a gin, Aperol and mandarin cocktail at £8.

They also do a curious line of crumpet-based bar snacks, which clearly you will have to try if you win this prize.

It's £50 to spend at Present Company. To enter, make sure you're logged in then click the button below.

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End Date - 29th February 2020