A very iffy whiff is sending them wild

Mojo and Scooter might be the pride of Knowsley Safari Park, but they aren't that proud when it comes to chilling, on camera, with their legal high of choice.

To celebrate World Lion Day (for 10th August is it), the keepers at Knowsley have bunged the chaps a bag of elephant dung.

Elephant dung is something that lions would naturally come across in the savannahs of Africa, and after a day listening to the calls of the wild coming from nearby Huyton and Kirkby, Mojo and Scooter can't get enough of it.

The keepers at Knowsley use a variety of enrichment techniques to encourage the lions' curious nature.  

"Both lions and elephants play an important role in Africa's unique biodiversity and awareness days like this provide a great opportunity to shed light on these species, keeping their plight at the forefront of people's minds to avoid a silent extinction," it says here.

Visitors can spot the pair on Knowsley Safari's five mile safari drive for less this summer with 20 percent off online until 3rd September 2017.