Venues and industry heads issue rallying call for live music offering

Liverpool is set for a busy summer of gigs as venues and industry leaders make a rallying call for more live music across the city. 

Nearly nine out of ten venues (87%) are planning to increase their live music offering this summer, while more than 600 artists have signed up to perform in pubs, bars and restaurants across the city via live music marketplace GigPig. 

This drive for both venues and artists to get the city out seeing live music is helping to uncover a phenomenal range of new music across the city, according to CEO of GigPig, Michael Forster.

“With the hospitality sector facing unprecedented challenges, we believe our mission to help every pub and bar maximise their potential with live music is more important than ever," he said. "Our platform has already helped hundreds of venues improve customer satisfaction, drive footfall and increase sales while giving thousands of artists an easier way to earn money gigging.

“This is a rallying call to all Liverpool venues who want to introduce new live music and take a look at booking live entertainment in a different way, as that’s the only way to discover new talent. With more than 600 local artists signed up to our platform in Liverpool, venues now have unprecedented access to some of the best upcoming DJs, bands and musicians in the city.”

2024 05 29 Liverpool Live Music Gigpig
Co-founders at GigPig, Michael Forster and Kit Muir-Rogers Image: Confidentials

Over the coming weeks, GigPig will be organising live music performances on the streets of the city and in venues to celebrate the impact that gigging is having on the nightlife scene.  This will include an exclusive event at Red Door for venue operators to see the music talent available through the GigPig platform.

Red Door's manager, Mark Leigh, explained the boon to his business, especially the difficult hours of the early evening, that has resulted from booking live acts in his venue.

“We started to book live music through GigPig to attract customers into our venue earlier in the evenings and have seen a significant increase in trade between 7pm-9pm because of this," he said. "We’re so pleased to fill our venue in what used to be a quieter time for us. Live music has the power to do this. 

"I've just booked DJs for the next six months for our Friday night slots via GigPig and this took me much less time than if I was sourcing myself. It’s a win-win for our customers, artists and the success of our business.” 

"Liverpool has always been and always will be a musical city, so it’s fantastic to have the freedom to find and book new local artists so easily. It’s brilliant to hear that so many emerging artists from the city have signed up to GigPig and intend to gig more here this year."

2024 05 29 Liverpool Live Music Summer Red Door Copy
Red Door Image: Confidentials

As Confidentials' Assistant Publisher Harley Young found out when she spoke to GigPig Co-Founder Kit Muir-Rogers back in Febuary, the platform is the UK’s fastest-growing live music marketplace, offering artists a free platform to find, play and get paid for gigs; and hospitality venues a streamlined way to search, book and manage entertainment in-house. 

Liverpool venues utilising the GigPig platform currently include Albert Schloss, Crazy Pedros, Mean Eyed Cat, BrewDog, Gravity Max, PINS, Red Door.

In a city so proudly associated with music, this summer could prove to be the start of a new chapter in the rich history of Liverpool's live music scene.

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