The bar and lounge provides a VIP add-on for gigs and events

Sodexo Live! officially launched its new VIP bar and lounge at the M&S Bank Arena Liverpool last week, offering a polished hospitality offering throughout the evening’s show from The Kaiser Chiefs.

"Our mission is to use the lounge to make the incredible events at the arena even more special for our guests.

Sodexo has worked with the ACC Liverpool team since 2008 and the partnership aims to make use of a combined expertise as the region’s leading arena and Sodexo Live's hospitality offer.

Sodexo Live Lounge Liverpool Arena Rebecca Kane Burton
Welcome from Rebecca Kane Burton

Rebecca Kane Burton, CEO of Sodexo Live! UK & Ireland said, “Our partnership with ACC Liverpool has grown ever stronger over the past 14 years, and we are delighted to be able to celebrate this so visibly with the launch of the Sodexo Live! Lounge. We are looking forward to the future with fantastic times ahead with the Eurovision Song Contest in 2023 and a host of exciting artists coming to the venue.

"Our mission is to use the lounge to make the incredible events at the arena even more special for our guests, giving them an experience that they will remember for the rest of their lives.  

“The launch of the Sodexo Live! Lounge is just one of the many exciting initiatives we have planned, which plays into our strategy of engaging differently in the live marketplace.”

Sodexo Live Lounge Liverpool Arena Food
Menus have a local theme
Sodexo Live Lounge Liverpool Arena Service
VIP experience
Sodexo Live Lounge Liverpool Arena Kaiser Chiefs
The Kaiser Chiefs

Key members of the Sodexo Live! team were joined at the official launch by business leaders, trade and local media. The night saw The Kaiser Chiefs perform for guests and fans at the arena, with support from The Fratellis and The Sherlocks. Guests in the lounge also enjoyed an acoustic music set by local musician Sam Cooke.

The Sodexo Live! Lounge has a maximum capacity of up to 110 guests and offers a menu curated for each event, along with a selection of premium drinks.

Prices for the Sodexo Live! Lounge vary; VIP access for Jamie Webster costs £90 while an upgrade for Rod Stewart in December is £230. A ticket for the show needs to be bought separately in advance.

For more information on the Sodexo Live! Lounge visit the M & S Bank Arena website.

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