Megan Walsh on how you can now recreate some signature dishes in your own home

Lockdown has been tough for lovers of eating out. Remember the times we broke bread and shared stories over (dare I say it) small plates, as we huddled around a table before social distancing became a thing? But you know what they say: when one door closes another one opens.

All this extra time indoors has created a new wave of home cooks trying to make the best out of a bad situation. And now, thanks to social media, and the generosity of our independents, we can have a go at creating some of the dishes from our favourite places in the comfort of our own kitchen. 

Here are five of our favourites:


The team at Maray have been more than good to us. Not only have they provided quick tutorials on how to make their irresistible falafels, flatbreads and hummus: they’ve only gone and shared the recipe for their glorious, infamous disco cauliflower.

You could say the disco cauli has garnered a cult-like following over the years and I for one wholeheartedly agree. It’s a showstopper and now you can eat it over and over again, without having to share one single floret of tahini-smothered goodness. You can find all the tutorials here.

Bold Street Coffee

Quick, on-the-go breakfasts have been long forgotten in lockdown. For the majority of us, working from home means we can eat like kings every day of the week. Poached eggs and pancakes are our new normal, and the smell of homemade bread fills the air.

So if you’ve made the bread and have finally mastered the art of poaching an egg, the next – and most important – component of your brekkie comes courtesy of Bold Street Coffee. 

Put the Heinz back in the cupboard and make yourself a batch of beans like they do it on Bold Street. Trust me, there’s nothing better. While you’re at it, have a go at their wilted spinach too, because we mustn’t forget our greens during times of crisis – even they have been bathed in butter. Find the recipes here.


Mowgli does in fact have its very own cookbook, from which you can create all of your favourite dishes in your own kitchen. And while you’re one foot ahead if you’ve already got the book, you needn’t worry if you haven’t because over on Instagram, Mowgli owner Nisha Katona has been coming at us with daily IGTVs, giving us tips and demonstrations on everything from Indian cabbage and curried aloo gobi, to treacle tamarind pulled pork and ‘Maa’s’ lamb chops.

Keep an eye on Mowgli's Instagram for the next recipe you can cook along to and click here to buy the book.

Food Sounds

While Food Sounds isn’t a restaurant, this dynamic duo is a collaborative project from the owner of Allerton Road’s Lifestyle Collective and her partner. And if you love your music as much as your food, then this account is for you. 

It works like this: as well as inspiration and recipes, with each meal comes a recommended record for you to listen as you eat. What’s not to love? 

The pair had a sold-out supper club set to take place at Chapters of Us, but the implementation of lockdown meant it had to be cancelled.

The three-course dinner will be rescheduled once all of this is over, but for now you can head to their Instagram for inspiration, recipes and music recommendations to see you through to the end of lockdown. They’ve even curated an Isolation Sounds Spotify playlist.

Gabriella’s Kitchen (aka Cucina di Vincenzo)

Cucina di Vincenzo is by far the best Italian restaurant in Liverpool – and now chef Gabriella Margiotta has taken to Instagram to let us in on her secrets.

Her channel is an amalgamation of Italian classics and healthy meals, balanced out by the some of the most irresistible dessert recipes you’ll see during quarantine. Did somebody say rice pudding arancini? 

Find her Instagram here.

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