Here's a sneak peak at the biggest comic con event in Liverpool

Sci-fi, pop-culture, movie and television fans, and cosplayers, rejoice, Comic Con is heading back to town with a huge star-studded cast over at the Liverpool Exhibition Centre.

Monopoly Events Liverpool Comic-Con has been a smash hit with revellers time and time again for the past six years, from star studded guest lists to hundreds of independent stalls selling everything from Funko Pops, signed memorabilia and Japanese snacks.

This year is set to be no different, with tickets almost completely sold out, and huge guest panels starring cast members from Netflix smash hits Stranger Things and Wednesday, and cult classic film and book series, Twilight. 

Amongst the A-star line up is Stranger Things, Chief Hopper, actor David Harbour; the eleventh Doctor of smash hit series, Doctor Who, Matt Smith; and the Salvatore brothers of Vampire Diaries, Paul Wesley, who plays Stefan, and Ian Somerhalder who plays Damon. 

Alongside the opportunity of asking some of their favourite stars questions at panels, attendees can even meet their heroes, through buying add-ons for autographs and photo ops. 

David Harbour Joins The A Star Guest List Pleasing Stranger Things Fans At Liverpool Comic Con
David Harbour joins the A-Star guest list, pleasing Stranger Things fans everywhere Liverpool Comic Con (Monopoly Events)
Paul Wesley Liverpool Comic Con
Paul Wesley set to attend Liverpool Comic Con Liverpool Comic Con (Monopoly Events)
Iam Somahalder Liverpool Comic Con
Ian Somerhalder set to attend Liverpool Comic Con Liverpool Comic Con (Monopoly Events)
Matt Smith Liverpool Comic Con
Matt Smith plans to land at Comic Con on Saturday Liverpool Comic Con (Monopoly Events)

Jade Culver speaks to Monopoly Events owner and Liverpool Comic Con event planner, Andy Kleek, to get a sneak peek at what else this weekend’s event has in store.

Andy said: “We first took over the comic con scene in Liverpool back in 2018 when MCM comic con decided to pull their event from the city.

“We had six weeks to create this event, and we were quite shocked at how big the turnout ended up being, we had around 12,000 attendees altogether, and a nice little guest line up with cast members from Star Wars and Dr Who.

“Since then, we’ve gone from strength to strength and now we’re one of, if not, the biggest comic con events in the country.

“We’re looking at an attendance of around 40,000 people this weekend, which is more than triple from our first event.

“We’ve also got some really big guests this year, so big in fact, that we’ve had to make some of the panels ticketed events as we know that a lot of attendees would have wanted to see them, but we just don’t have the space yet.”

“I’m very excited for this years event, particularly some of the guests we’ve got attending.

“As an 80s kid, I love the fact we’ve managed to get some of the Police Academy cast to attend, and stars from Lost Boys which has had quite the reception so far.”

Corey Feldman Lost Boys Liverpool Comic Con
Lost Boys star, Corey Feldman, is coming to Liverpoool Comic Con Liverpool Comic Con (Monopoly Events)
Jamison Newlander Liverpool Comic Con
Lost Boys star, Jamison Newlander, is coming to Liverpoool Comic Con Liverpool Comic Con (Monopoly Events)
G W  Bailey Liverpool Comic Con
Police Academy actor, G.W. Bailey will be bringing the laughs to Comic Con Liverpool Comic Con (Monopoly Events)

Other guests include Kickass and Superbad star, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Arthur Weasley from Harry Potter, Mark Williams, and even Aladdin voice actors, Scott Weiger and Linda Larkin.

If you’re more of a gamer than a binge watcher, there will even be opportunities to meet the voice actors from award winning video game, Red Dead Redemption, including the voice of Arthur Morgan, Roger Clark, and John Marston, voiced by Rob Wiethoff. 

Arthur Weasley Actor Mark Williams Liverpool Comic Con
Harry Potter's favourite father figure, Mark Williams, set to bring smiles at Liverpool Comic Con Liverpool Comic Con (Monopoly Events)
Aladdin Cast Liverpool Comic Con
Aladdin voice cast Liverpool Comic Con (Monopoly Events)
Red Dead Redemption Voice Actors At Liverpool Comic Con
Red Dead Redemption voice actors Liverpool Comic Con (Monopoly Events)

Andy adds: “For people who don’t want to spend their day meeting guests, we’ve got a lot of activities, cosplay events, stalls, and even an artist’s alley with lots of comic guests, for them to peruse and enjoy.

“We’ve even got set builds for photo opportunities, including a Stranger Things rainbow room, the car from the Inbetweeners and Hagrid's flying motorbike from Harry Potter."

Inbetweeners Car Liverpool Comic Con
Get yourself a selfie with the iconic yellow car from the Inbetweeners Liverpool Comic Con (Monopoly Events)

“There will also be a cosplay parade on both days for everyone to show off their outfits, as well as a cosplay championship event where finalists will be able to compete against other cosplay fans later in the year.

“In the evening, we’re also doing an after party over at Cains Brewery, where we plan on having a cosplay runway so everyone can show off their outfits, as well as other props such as Bumble Bee from Transformers and the Hulk buster from Avengers Infinity War.”

If you haven’t already got your ticket, now’s the time to grab one, with less than 1000 left for the Sunday portion of the event. 

Liverpool Comic Con Tickets and Info

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