From online yoga to safari park inspired art classes

With the end of summer and its ability to make light of things, this latest in our trilogy of lockdowns can, at times, seem unbearable. It’s been a tough year so far but thankfully our local businesses are out in force doing their best to bring some of that much-needed sunshine to us.

To keep you occupied through the grey months ahead, here’s a round-up of fun things to do without leaving the house. You might even learn a little along the way.

2021 02 01 Things To Do Rhinos

Sofa Safari

Knowsley Safari Park is offering free virtual learning sessions in a new initiative called Art in The Park. This collaborative project from the minds of three visual artists and one creative writer aims to deliver new and inventive ways for us to immerse ourselves in the great outdoors – no extra woolly layers required.

Attendees will gain an insight into what goes on behind the scenes at the park and the benefits of animal wellbeing and conversation whilst learning a range of art techniques along the way.

The free-of-charge sessions take place each Tuesday at 10am and will be available throughout the whole of February, with the last session taking place 2 March. 

2021 02 01 Things To Do Philharmonic

Lounge Music

If you didn’t manage to catch them the first time around, our very own Philharmonic is giving you a second chance to attend one of its critically acclaimed concerts from the comfort of your sofa.

The On-Demand concerts, originally launched in September last year, have received rave reviews from the national press and are an absolute must for any classical music lovers out there. 

Each concert costs £10 and includes exclusive access to both pre and post-concert discussions. There are ten to choose from, or you can access the lot for £90. 

Until 28 Feb. 

2021 02 01 Things To Do Yoga

Asanas In Pyjamas

Wavertree-based yoga studio Loft Space is holding daily zoom classes for yogis of all ability. Sessions are £4 per class, or for £20 you can concentrate on perfecting your practice with a more specific one-to-one session. The classes focus around hatha yoga, where you’ll flow through a range of classic yoga poses aimed to improve both body and mind.

And for any mini yogis in your life: there are also children’s yoga classes every Thursday at 4pm. These classes are designed to help your little ones relax, have fun and find some calm amongst the chaos.

2021 02 01 Things To Do Picked Olive Wine

Wine And Recline

For the wine lovers out there, Woolton’s Pickled Olive is offering virtual tasting sessions over Zoom, with a little board of goodies to nibble on as you learn.

There are two packages available: the full bottle package which includes three bottles of wine and food pairings, or a smaller glass package including 250ml of wine along with the paired food –  I know which one I would choose.

Each week provides a journey through a different one of the best wine-making regions of the world including Portugal, Argentina, Italy and South Africa – all paired with a board of appropriate nibbles.

The next event on 6 Feb is likely to sell out fast – so don’t hang around.

2021 02 01 Things To Do Writing

Couch Creators

Fancy your hand at writing? Then (dare I even say it?) 2021 might be your lucky year. Liverpool’s literature cooperative Writing on the Wall (WoW) has launched a year-long festival to encourage people of all ages to pick up their pen and celebrate writing in all its forms.

Writing is known to relieve stress and anxiety, and the #LiverpoolWrites initiative will offer a whole host of things including writing advice desks, workshops, competitions and various prompts to help you develop and home in on your writing skills.

The #LiverpoolWrites festival is happening all year. Keep your eye on its social media channels for times, events and special guests including Levi Tafari and Jude Lennon.

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