Opinions were split when the American brand opened on Water Street

Hooters says it's enjoyed a successful first month in Liverpool, despite the American chain's opening on Water Street causing a bit of a hoo-ha in the city. 

We are showing that Hooters is certainly for everyone.

Opinions were split on the arrival of Hooters after the brand was granted a licence in February 2022 to open a restaurant in Liverpool city centre. Mayor Joanne Anderson said at the time that the brand had "an infamous sexually objectifying and misogynistic environment".

While Liverpool City Council's licensing committee was happy to grant permission for the new venue to operate, the local authority’s planning body was not keen on the large neon orange signs that appeared outside New Zealand House. The Liverpool ECHO reports that Hooters could face prosecution over the signs it has put up without planning permission.

Hooters Liverpool Interior
Inside Hooters Liverpool

But bosses at Hooters Liverpool say that it's owl good with the new opening. Officially recognised as the world’s biggest Hooters, the Liverpool venue seats 300 guests across two levels in the former Newz Bar inside New Zealand House. The launch took place on Monday 21 November and the venue says it has been packed out ever since. 

Customers were able to catch all of World Cup action at Hooters Liverpool, thanks to wall-to-wall TVs and big screens, including state-of-the-art NFL-style quad screens. As well as attracting sports fans, Hooters says that its offering is also going down a treat with groups of friends and families. 

Hooters Liverpool Girls 3
Hooters Liverpool Interior 2
Owl night long

Director, Rachael Moss said, “We are completely blown away by the response we have had since opening. We know that Liverpool is one of the most welcoming cities in the world and that has been proven by the reception we have had. 

"The city has given us a very warm Scouse welcome and we are delighted to be here. Hooters is a family-friendly concept where everyone is very warmly welcomed. For some unknown reason that has been misunderstood. It’s been fantastic for us to have so many different groups and demographics join us for food, drink and a good time. We are showing that Hooters is certainly for everyone."

Hooters Liverpool Water Street Newz Bar
A bit of a boob - signs outside Hooters have caused trouble Image: Confidentials

American-inspired cuisine on the menu includes the restaurant's speciality chicken wings, as well as Hooters classics such as the Mile-High Burger and Twisted Texas Melt. 

Then there are the Hooters Girls themselves. The 75-strong team completed on-site training from their American counterparts and can often be seen serenading celebrants with the Hooters' Happy Birthday song. The girls aim to bring to life the brand’s mission statement that "Hooters Makes You Happy."

Hooters Liverpool Nina Ashleigh
Twit-twoo. Nina and Ashleigh, Hooters Liverpool
Hooters Board
Hooty call

Hooters Liverpool has already become a hit on social media with people sharing clips of the staff members breaking into song and dance. But some customers have been confused by the Scouse waitresses singing in American accents. 

A video by Gary Ousalice on TikTok, which showed servers singing their very own rendition of AC/DC's You Shook Me All Night Long went viral. Comments on the TikTok post, which racked up over 1.4 million views, included, "This American entertainment just doesn't go in Liverpool" and "My worst nightmare - I want to eat in peace."

Rachael Moss of Hooters said that the girls are doing a fantastic job entertaining guests. "Delivering outstanding hospitality is a priority for us and they have smashed it from that point of view," said Rachael. 

"It does not do any harm that they’re all beautiful ‘girl-next-door’ types, inside and out, either! We are all very proud of the diverse group of ladies that are very proud to wear the iconic orange shorts and we welcome them to be forever part of the sorority of Hooters Girls worldwide."

Hooters Liverpool, New Zealand House, 18 Water St, Liverpool L2 8TD

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