WHOEVER thought that burgers would become the new rock n roll? Well, apart from Elvis - who found out the hard way. 

These days your hipster is as likely to get excited about a filthy mouthful of hot dog as their granddad did about Hound Dog. 

And if delicious, juicy burgers at delicious juicy prices are the new rock n roll, it's no surprise that the fabulous Almost Famous Burgers have held sway at Number One spot since last July when they opened in Parr Street. 

This is not without good reason, says Confidential, along with thousands of addicted fans who think nothing of queuing up every week to be richly burgered.

We have nailed our colours to the mast and, quite simply, the new gunslinger has left most of the city centre opposition standing.

Elvis Longs For An Almost Famous BurgerWhich one would Elvis have chosen?

But wait. Up in the Baltic Triangle, they say things are different. The Camp & Furnace's own big hit, Food Slam Fridays, continues to ride high in the local chart. 

Perfecto Furnace Fish FryPerfecto Furnace Fish FryFood Slam Fridays are chance for its talented kitchen supremo Steve Burgess and team to depart from the menu - such as their close-to-perfect fish n chips, pictured here, and let their hair down (but not all over the food, OBVIOUSLY). It allows Baltic area workers to refrain from sodding off on a Friday night and to stay, eat, drink and be very merry with their chums before a roaring log fire. 

But, burger wise, this town, seemingly, ain't big enough for the both of 'em.

AFB and the Camp & Furnace will go head to head in a food slam duel this Friday (Feb 7) to see who flips the best burger in an event called What's Your F***in' Beef? 

Steve Burgess: Fight on my manorSteve Burgess: Fight on his turfIn dude food terms this is the Beatles v The Stones, Oasis v Blur, The Chuckle Brothers v The Krankies. So expect Chef Burgess in the red corner and AFB's Jay and Liam in the Blue, with their own stand, all going flipping mental.

It isn't known what sort of burger each will produce - both are top secret recipes right now - but AFB say theirs will be a limited edition, one-hit wonder. 

“It's a Lord Of The Rings creation,” said an insider mysteriously.

This Friday it will be left to the public to decide and it is expected discenrning diners will just know what is hot and what is not by voting with their feet and their cash at either end of the room. 

So who will emerge The King and who will be all shook up? Tough call. We will be there to find out.

AFB told Confidential that they were confident of winning: “The Camp & Furnace must be worried. They keep ringing up asking us what we're putting in ours. 


“Yeah, like we'd tell 'em,” laughed the spokesman, maniacally, before cutting the call. 

*What's Your F***in' Beef, The Camp & Furnace v Almost Famous Burgers burger cook-off, Camp and Furnace, 67 Greenland Street, Liverpool L1 0BY. Friday Feb 7, 7pm-10pm. Free. Call 0151 708 2890.