Renowned butcher opening first restaurant in Southport

Jonny Farrell, renowned butcher to some of the top chefs in the country, is set to open his first restaurant in Birkdale village. 

Butcher Farrell's Bar and Grill is due to open in the Southport village this month, offering 45-day aged steaks alongside quality meat, fish and vegetarian dishes. 

Jonny, known as Butcher Farrell, promises to 'blow your socks off' with a well-balanced menu the moment the flagship restaurant on Liverpool Road opens towards the end of the month.

"Don’t worry, it’s not just going to be phenomenal dry aged steak,” said Jonny. 

"We will be offering fish, we will be offering beautiful seasonal vegetable-based dishes as well, basically a very well-balanced menu that is just going to blow your socks off! We are busy getting the venue ready now. It is an exciting time! Nerve wracking - but so exciting. We aim to be open towards the end of February and hope to be able to announce a definitive opening date soon."

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Butcher Farrell's Bar and Grill Image: Butcher Farrell's Bar and Grill

The front of house team will be led by expert sommelier Alex Nechifor, whose 12 years of experience in high end boutique hotels and restaurants has already proven popular with locals during his time at Wine Rack. 

Butcher Farrell said: “We are so lucky to have Alex with us! The guy is phenomenal at what he does. The wealth of knowledge and his passion for wine, and the hospitality industry, is immense. It is great to get him on board. I am delighted that I managed to persuade him to come and work with us!

"Alex is currently putting together the wine list, and I am excited to see his choices.

I want Butcher Farrell’s to be as famous for the quality of our wines as the quality of our food. Alex and I are also doing lots of work together about how best to pair the perfect wine with the perfect dish, which is going to be a massive advantage for us."

Set to be open seven days a week - midday to midnight and 1am on Fridays and Saturdays - the restaurant will also have a live band on weekend evenings and will be a pet friendly venue. 

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