A new store specialising in international records has opened up for music enthusiasts in the Baltic Triangle

A new record store has opened up next door to Black Lodge Brewery in the Baltic Triangle. 

Matsuri Records is a small but perfectly formed vinyl record store that specialises in international music, which provides an impressive selection of new and second hand vinyl from artists across the globe. 

20230605 Paul And Craig Dj Set
Owners, Paul and Craig putting their love of vinyl to the test with a DJ set during opening weekend Matsuri Records

Craig and Paul, the passionate owners of Matsuri Records, have long nurtured a deep fascination for international music, especially hidden and forgotten treasures from around the world. In an effort to curate an unparalleled collection, they have forged partnerships with some of their favourite record labels, including Mr Bongo, Analog Africa, Soundway, Domino, Warp and Light In The Attic.

20230605 Paul And Craig Matsuri Records
Owners, Paul and Craig Matsuri Records

"It’s exciting to finally be open and get great feedback from the new customers," says Paul, " my partner Craig and I have been collecting records our whole lives, so it’s nice to meet other collectors who share the passion for discovering new music.  We stock new and used vinyl, but generally focus on rare or little-known music from around the world. We’re also working with a number of our favourite labels to bring their special releases to the store.”

20230605 First Customer Matsuri Records
First customer at the store over the weekend Matsuri Records

The name 'Matsuri Records' derives from the Japanese word for festival and reflects the store's commitment to celebrating the diversity and joyous nature of music.

The store is set to open every Saturday and Sunday from 12-5pm. 

20230605 Matsuri Vinyl Record Store
Open every Saturday and Sunday Matsuri Records

For more information, check out their website and socials

Matsuri Records 1, Kings Dock Street, Liverpool, L1 8JS

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