With more high-acting ingredients but less liquid mess, this is not your typical face mask

This is not your typical face mask. Cosmetic company Swiss Clinic has created a completely dry face mask as the perfect alternative to messy, fussy sheet masks. It treats your face to all the benefits of a premium face mask but without all the liquid mess (though it will still make you look like a Hockey Player, we're afraid).

Comprising of  87% active ingredients, the mask not only helps reduce wrinkles and fines lines but also hydrates and rejuvenates the skin, resulting in a smooth, bright and more even skin tone.

What’s more, as you don’t rinse your skin after a Face Dry Mask treatment, the active ingredients continue to work for eight hours. Promising ‘skin radiance’ in up to fifteen minutes, each Face Dry Mask can be used three times.

We’re giving away a Swiss Clinic Face Dry perfecting mask kit, featuring three individual masks, to one reader. 


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End Date - 31st July 2018