CALL us biased, but Manchester boasts some of the most stylish people in the UK, nay, the world.

It was that unwavering confidence in our city's fashionistas that inspired us to launch the #WhatIWoreMCR style wall - a portal where you can share your outfits and your individual Manchester style (get posting and you could feature in our next round-up).

Over the summer we hit the beat in Manchester and went street style spotting (because, let's be honest, we all like people-watching) to find fashion inspiration to carry us through to Autumn and Winter.

Below you'll find our pick of the Top Ten most stylish - five guys and five girls. Take a look at the best of the bunch below, or recap with Part OnePart Two  and Part Three here.


SPOTTED: Market Street

"Bare shoulder season will soon come to an end so let’s continue to indulge the bandeau trend while we still can. Blogger, El Martina, perfectly demonstrates the fashionista favourite item in cool pinstripe while shopping in Manchester."


SPOTTED: Deansgate

"Many points to be awarded here – or should we say, ‘hair’. We spotted this suave gent on Deansgate, effortlessly managing to stand out amongst the lunchtime crowd with a well-put together blazer and printed shirt combo. The afro, with lightning bolt blond streak, and the nose ring gives this look an added cool."


SPOTTED: Selfridges, Exchange Square

“Ask any fashion stylist, the key to great style is masterful layering, as expertly demonstrated below. Between the beautifully detailed, waist-belted jacket, billowy romantic-style sleeves and the cute pom-pom purse, this look is wonderfully elegant.”


SPOTTED: Cathedral Street

“What a jacket. And what a great, bold pair of eyebrows. As statement-jackets go, this leather piece makes many statements... ‘SLAM' being one of them.”

SPOTTED: Oldham Street

“We firmly believe that your hair can be one of your greatest fashion accessories, and pink hair tends get most heads turning. While locks in pastel hues seem to be a la mode of late, we had yet to see anyone commit to a full, luscious candy-floss mane. With confidence, cool and a diva-like pose this lady is one of our favourite fashion finds in the city.”


SPOTTED: Dale Street

“These days it’s rare to find anyone under the age of 40 without holes in their jeans. With mainstream high-street stores and the likes of Kanye West continuing to champion the distressed denim trend, we wonder whether our knees will have to stay exposed through to winter... with that being said, this cool guy is bang on trend.”

SPOTTED: Market Street

"We've not seen gold hoops that big since Will Smith was still 'The Fresh Prince'. We're fully ready to reembrace the gold hoop trend, as long as we were guaranteed to look this cool and this happy. Combining urban-wear with feminine touches (tricky at the best of times), we admired this lady's eclectic personal style."

SPOTTED: Selfridges

"We have to give this guy kudos, he's managed to look all nonchalant and trendy while wearing a brown Cappello Romano. And it looks like the camouflage jacket will be making a welcome return to closets this Autumn. Far from blending in, though, we're thinking of taking a note from our fashionable friend and wearing ours with a lot of wrist adornments and a wide brim hat."

SPOTTED: Market Street

“We're all about the portrait shot here. Gorgeous and incognito, we loved how this woman coordinated her expertly tied head wrap with ‘don’t look at me but look at me’ dark shades. The red lip also makes this a stellar beauty look.”

SPOTTED: Market Street

"Fancy being on your lunch break (Tesco meal deal, naturally) and being told to pose for a style-snap? That's exactly what happened to this stylish Manc, who showed us how to keep work attire from looking work-a-day."


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Photos by LOreal_B


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