WE'RE long past the basic, yawn-worthy 'sexy cat' look these days. Halloween now commands us to go full force with special make-up effects nearing Hollywood standard (just see Heidi Klum's insanely complex costumes for a completely over-the-top example).

Still, if you're far from a dab-hand at applying make-up, or struggling to apply liquid liner in a straight-line, then Halloween make-up can be tricky (seriously though, no more 'sexy cat' guys - wipe away that khol liner whiskers). 

To help, Palette Official, an upcoming booking site for make-up artists in Manchester and beyond, has enlisted the creative skill of MUA and YouTuber Moth Queen.

So, do you fancy becoming a crying, bleeding, beautiful unicorn this Halloween? Course you do...


Palette Official is a brand new multi-platform booking website for make-up artists. They aim to bring together those who love having their make-up applied and those who have made make-up their career. Palette is an exclusive network that gives you a platform to share your skills and passion.

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