World face yoga expert Danielle Collins shows us how to get rid of 'tech neck'

There’s a new ‘facial’ on the market that’s cheap, effective and flexible enough to do anytime, anywhere. It’ll boost your collagen levels and combats wrinkles. The only catch – you have to sit gurning for ten minutes a day to reap the benefits. Still keen? 

If you’re easily bemused by funny faces, then it’s time to leave your inhibitions at the door because this new facial is all about contorting your face – hence the name 'face yoga'. 

“There are a couple of poses that have funny faces, but just enjoy it,” explains Danielle Collins, who is widely recognised as the world’s leading face yoga expert.  

Whilst face yoga has been around for thousands of years - and Body Confidential was first introduced to it in 2016 – Collins is making the practice more accessible for the modern lifestyle with an app featuring ten minute workouts designed around everyday scenarios (£9.99). So, whether you’re nipping to the shops or showering, you can squeeze in a quick routine.  

For Collins, a trained yoga teacher and wellness guru, face yoga is an obvious extension to an already popular workout style.   

2018 4 19 Face Yoga Danielle Collins 2
Danielle Collins is the world's leading face yoga expert

“Yoga is good for mind and body – but what about the face? A lot of my clients began asking about face yoga, saying that their face and body don’t match. It’s crazy your taught things for your body and not your face. There are 57 muscles in the face and neck, so if we don’t exercise it in the same way as the body then of course they won’t match.”

So, Collins began investigating face yoga.

“Ancient practices of face yoga have been used for a long, long time in the east – India, China, Japan. When I created it [the app], I did a lot of research into these old age techniques, as well as newer research into face muscles and the structure of the face. So, I began integrating the old with the new.” 

Though yoga is often revamped into a hot of the moment trend – from yoga with goats to balancing beer bottles – Collins assures that this is not just another one of those fads.

“It’s not just a fleeting thing. So much of it is based on techniques that have been used for a long time, I’ve just made it more mainstream and accessible. But also, it just makes sense; we exercise the body, so we should exercise the face.”

In January, results from a medical study at America’s Northwestern University revealed that twenty weeks of facial exercises created firmer skin in middle ages women. Royal bride-to-be Megan Markle also credits face exercises for making her cheekbones and jawline 'way more sculpted.'

To feel the real benefits, Collins recommends twenty minutes a day as the ideal workout regime, though as little as two minutes a day can be beneficial.  

2018 4 19 Face Yoga Danielle Collins
Face yoga increases collagen levels

Danielle’s face yoga workout is based on five sections:

1) Face exercises

When we exercise the muscle in the face we strengthen and tone it, which is very good for preventing lines and lifting the skin

2) Massage 

This helps circulation, boosts collagen and elastin. Massaged skin looks plumper, firmer and more energised. This is good for lymphatic drainage, so it’s good for bloating.

3) Acupressure 

This is an ancient technique often used in eastern medicines to cure headaches and stress. Applying pressure to certain points in the face is good for elastin, youthfulness and overall well-being.

4) Relaxation 

Lines and wrinkles often come from stress- related expressions. Learn to be conscious of your face to release your facial muscles.

5) Wellbeing 

Good feelings radiate out through your face. So, Collins teaches the use of positive affirmations, deep breathing, love and acceptance of who you are to improve well-being.

'Face Yoga for Your Busy Life' by World Leading Face Yoga Expert, Danielle Collins is available to download on Apple and Android for £9.99 and to pre order in DVD format for £14.99 from