We talk pampering and motherhood with the billionaire socialite before trying her glamorous new offering

Tamara Ecclestone is multi-tasking while we meet.

Today she launches her SHOW Dry Beauty salon in Harvey Nichols, Manchester - her third salon in the UK and the first in the city. Dressed to the nines in a long flowing floral maxi dress and trademark voluminous hair, while sitting poised on a sofa, she’s the picture of a billionaire heiress pin-up. Her joyous three-year-old daughter, Sophia, is skipping energetically through the HN styling room (transformed into a playroom with fish nuggets and Playdoh). The interview gets interrupted with urgent mummy toilet duties. Glamorous socialite or not, toddlers don’t wait for anyone.

How’s she finding motherhood and being a businesswoman?

“It’s really hard but it’s manageable. You feel like you’re juggling plates all the time. But when you’re passionate about something you’ll do what it takes to make it work.”

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Founder of SHOW Dry, Tamara Ecclestone

SHOW Dry is Tamara Ecclestone’s other baby. After launching her hair care range – which boasts ingredients such as caviar and truffle oil – the daughter of Formula One tycoon Bernie Ecclestone ventured into blow dry salons.

“I basically started out with a styling product and then we developed the shampoo and conditioners, then we opened the salon London – two in London – Newcastle and then here. We had a pop-up in Dubai and then the salons took off really quickly.”

The Manchester salon is a sleek black and rose gold boudoir (complete with large portraits of Tamara dotted throughout, naturally). The staff wear all-black and the female stylists wear stiletto heels – good job a typical treatment takes 30 minutes. There are thirteen stations and treatments also include a full range of cut and colour services, including balayage and highlights. It's an opulent service, meant to entice the Manchester women who 'love to look glamorous and enjoy a luxurious salon experience'. 

I think it’s accessible, I want everyone to come in and feel pampered and feel great about themselves

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“We have the big bouncy blow dry, it’s my go-to look: I always feel my best when my hair’s like that. We also do braids, top-knots and, what I’m most excited about, ‘hair lingerie’ hair extensions. No one in UK has these – I had them done in LA and they’re taped in. They don’t damage the hair and they last two months. Amazing. They take 40 minutes to put in – extensions usually take forever. So I’m obsessed with these.”

SHOW’s big bouncy blow-dries look as expensive as their founder, though the prices aren’t the price of oil. The signature blow-dry costs just £30, while a full head of highlights start from £90. Is the SHOW Dry salon more accessible than some may think?

“I think it’s accessible, I want everyone to come in and feel pampered and feel great about themselves. I feel like a blow dry is quick – you’re in and out in 30 minutes – I just want everyone to feel great. You can have a glass of champagne, popcorn, your hair done…”


“Yes popcorn, mainly because my daughter loves popcorn,” she laughs.

Day-to-day I’m so low maintenance, I’m lucky if I brush my hair or scrub my teeth just to get us out the door

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Tamara and daughter Sophia at Harvey Nichols

The salon uses exclusively SHOW beauty hair-care products. They’re all designed for silky, voluminous locks, which Tamara uses herself - though she admits she’s quite low maintenance.

“I love using the dry shampoo in between blow dries to give it a bit of volume. And on holidays I just use the hair mask, braid my hair and leave it in. Then I put oil on the ends of my hair when they feel a bit dry.”

“Day-to-day, I’m lucky if I brush my hair or scrub my teeth just to get us out the door."

"The the thing I like about a blow dry is you can see the results immediately – it’s not like a facial where first your skin looks shit and then it takes a week until you look better. Instantly you look great and it also lasts a lot longer than make up: you don't wash it off on the end of the day.”

Speaking to Tamara on a day when she's wearing her full-glam attire, it's hard to picture an unkempt woman with an unbrushed mane and morning breath – isn’t pampering a key part of her life as a salon owner, former lads mag model and, you know, a billionaire?

“I think pampering's important. Being a mum, working mum, working full time, whatever – you’re so busy. Especially as a woman, you’re always thinking about everyone else. Does everyone else feel good? And we forget about ourselves. I think it is really important as a woman to take care of ourselves. When you look a certain way it does make you feel a certain way. It lifts your spirit, especially with your hair. It doesn’t matter what you’re wearing - as long as your hair looks good, you're good.”

The SHOW Dry salon is now open at Harvey Nichols, Manchester - find out how to book on the website.