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Time poor L’Oréal Blackett allows herself an hour and a half of blissful pampering

Gosh, is that the time? How is it May already? Life seems to be running to the tune of the Countdown clock and I feel significantly time poor. But, that’s a common theme for most adults who have everything to do and not enough time to do it (especially for those with the added responsibility of raising future adults).

With a busy work and play schedule, where does pampering come into the equation? Besides my daily baths and sloppy DIY pedicures ten minutes before I leave the house, that’d be my lot. Let’s face it, taking time out to prune oneself can feel terribly unproductive (especially for a do-aholic who’s been known to answer emails in the shower - guilty).

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The QMS spa at The Lowry understands this full well. Pampering can be productive, say the five-star spa. Inside the luxury surroundings of the famous hotel, QMS urge its busy guests to set aside an hour and a half for their ‘No Time to Prep’ package for just £60. Over 90 minutes, a multi-tasking therapist performs a soothing back massage, detoxifying express facial as well as sprucing your feet with a file and polish ready for sandal season.

I could certainly make time for this.

Once I changed into my robe the clock starts. My cheerful masseuse had her pampering routine down to a fine art. Back first, she applied the perfect amount of pressure to my stiff and tight muscles; she kneaded, smoothed and rubbed for 30 incredible minutes, transforming me into a pool of putty. Flipped over on my back, it was time for the facial. Now, this was interesting. To start, a tingling fruit acid peel was applied to exfoliate my skin before a cool, thick – extremely thick - algae mask was applied, covering my eyes and mouth. I resembled an entombed Egyptian mummy and I was probably equally at peace. After spending ten minutes looking like a papier Mache art project, my skin was revealed smooth, radiant and youthful. A file and polish ended the treatment – by which time I felt sleepy with relaxation. 

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Express back massage

Done. I had covered the three key pillars of spa therapy in no time at all. And yet, the experience did not feel rushed, it was incredibly thorough, considered and wonderfully relaxing. The package allows just enough time for generous quality time for yourself. I left the spa with my shoulders back, skin beaming and glittery toes ready to come out of hiding. In 90 minutes I looked better and felt better. So sure, I may have ‘no time to prep’ but in future I’ll make time.

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Express facial with algae mask