‘BLOG’ became another kind of four-letter-word for a while.

Collectively, their Instagram following alone surpasses 800,000 people

Given that the internet is saturated with identikit fashion sites (usually created by tech-savvy millennials with a promising career in Social Media Marketing) it can be hard to decipher between the trendsetters and the trend-led. And the blogs keep on coming...

And why wouldn't any person into fashion (or food, technology, interiors, cats...) want a slice of the blogger pie? With an industry reportedly worth seven figures, big brands have started to take notice. Blogging is no longer just a hobby, blogs are big business.

And it’s not just London, New York or LA bloggers reaping the rewards, here in Manchester we’re harvesting our very own crop of fashion blog-stars with their own definitive style. Collectively, their Instagram following alone surpasses 800,000 people.

Here’s our list of ten extremely successful Manchester fashion bloggers:

10 Manchester Fashion Bloggers Worth Getting To Know

Body Confidential with the who’s who of Manchester fashion bloggers
(All images belong to the respective bloggers. Top image: The Mancorialist)


63,000 Instagram followers.
"Pages by Megan is my little space of the internet where I ramble all things fashion and style related with a little bit of beauty, a heck load of food and the addition of travel related goodness from time to time. I'm a 22-year-old Mancunian currently living in London and working as a stylist at ASOS. I blog full time and work full time so my days are pretty darn hectic... pass me the gin!"
WE SAY: Originally from Manchester, superstar blogger and stylist Megan was inevitably snapped up by London big-wigs ASOS. Never afraid of a bold or clashing print, Megan's sassy, 70s-inspired style is always fun and extremely well put together.


3213 Instagram followers
"Eat your heart out New York" - The Mancorialist
WE SAY: Following the footsteps of popular American street-photography blog, The Sartorialist, anonymous photographers The Mancorialist capture the best of Manchester's quirky characters and fashionable types. Raw, authentic and beautifully shot, the images are a great representation of our diverse city.


4667 Instagram followers
"Despite working with brands such as Vogue, Georgio Armani, Harvey Nichols and Selfridges, I am keen to remember my roots and love nothing more than to collaborate with independent companies, up-and-coming designers and local Mancunion talent. I am so proud to be a Manchester based fashion and lifestyle blogger. Gosh, I love this city." - Lily Kitten
WE SAY: Best known for her enviable curls and a cute feminine style, Lily Kitten is the ideal fashion blogger for those wanting less of the lookey-likey luxe outfits and more classic glamour. She also loves pugs.


7557 Instagram followers
"I started Fashion Panic in June 2014, originally as an online portfolio for a fashion course I was planning to start later that year. The course didn't work out, but the blogging stuck! As well as blog, I also run an a little online boutique (Catwalk Killa) with my best friend, which I love."
WE SAY: Lauren's signature style has come into its own of late. A lover of a sleek culotte, statement boots and a bold fringe, she never strays from what works for her. Unfussy yet with a touch of edge, Lauren's style is great for those wanting to break free from strict minimalist clobber.


621,000 Instagram followers
'Victoria’s purple, or now white, hair has become her recognisable trait, yet her defining characteristic would be her enthusiasm and passion for her brand. Her love for luxury travel, beauty, food and fashion are all apparent within her writing, as she aims to create a hub for those who aspire and hope to be inspired.' - In The Frow
WE SAY: As a former University of Manchester Fashion Lecturer, In The Frow, built up her massive following during her time in Manchester - blame it on the purple hair and her sophisticated-meets-edgy style. Now in London, In The Frow is still an honorary Manchester Fashion Blogger, but one that has broken to blogger big leagues.


9972 Instagram followers
"I'm a 28-year old girl woman from Cumbria, now living in Manchester, I am a professional Outfit Magician and Model Dresser. In short: I work as a Stylist."
WE SAY: As one of the stylists behind online super store Missguided, we're more than happy to follow all of Sara's fashion advice. Sara's rock-and-roll edge and penchant for great accessories makes her stand out from the blogger masses.


24,800 Instagram followers
"I'm a singer/songwriter who absolutely loves fashion. I'm originally from Russia but am now based in a fashion universe, MANCHESTER! I was also the face of Kangol 2012 and my looks were featured in Look magazine several times ." - Irena D
WE SAY: It'd be fair to say Irena has expensive taste, with a solid collection of designer bags from Louis Vuitton to Mulberry. Fashionably speaking, Irena's strength comes from her excellent work with accessories. She's never seen without her arsenal of broaches, watches and bracelets.


14,100 instagram followers
"I’m a full time model based in Manchester and when I’m not posing in front of the camera for work I’m often posing in front of the camera for my blog. I have an obsession for clothes and beauty products as well as being an avid traveller, so I decided to create a space where I could share some of my views and experiences.
I also often get asked about my hair and so I like to use this as a place to share hair tips and products with other natural hair enthusiasts."- Samio
WE SAY: As a full-time model, it's more than evident that blogger Samio knows how to work the camera. With a head full of gorgeous curls, she's popular with the natural afro hair community as she provides great tips on maintaining a 'fro. Fashion-wise, Samio is a bit of chameleon, and can do both casual and glamorous with ease.


23,500 Instagram followers
"I write mainly about fashion and my life with a bit of beauty in there when I'm feeling like it. I am 17-years-old, currently living in Manchester and travelling up to London quite frequently. I am aspiring to be a dancer, but I also have an interest in photography, video editing and fashion.  I have an obsession with Hello Kitty, anything black and white, trainers, instagram, tumblr, music and glitter." - Laurie-Elle.
WE SAY: While Laurie-Elle (Yes, as in 'Loreal' - we found another one) describes herself as an introvert, her outfit choices are anything but shy and retiring. The teen masters a sweet preppy look to a tee, while mixing it up with a lot of sporty casual-wear.


2914 Instagram followers
"The blog turned ‘blogtique’ discusses beauty, fashion, food, fitness, health and travel, as well as hosting ‘The Boutique‘ – a dedicated dress shop. Whatemmadid.com scooped the award for Cosmopolitan 'Best New Fashion Blog' back in 2010."
WE SAY: Manchester blogger Emma is a reliable source for all things beauty. Her online boutique, is a perfect representation of Emma's feminine and sophisticated style.