L’Oréal Blackett feeds her face

My dehydrated skin had been hankering for something rich, succulent and flavoursome for some time. Over the weekend I gave it a seriously good feeding with award-winning Bloom & Glow face oil by Angela Langford.

Turns out, a combination of ‘superfood’ oils (rosehip, chia seed, jojoba, sea buckthorn, primrose and more) would be wholly fulfilling. The face oil smells of fresh cuttings from a well tended garden and is a generous oily-oil, dense and nourishing (great for normal and dehydrated skin, a little problematic for oilier skin types). After spending the past few weeks sun worshipping (tsk), my skin is noticeably smoother and brighter. Seriously, touch it...

Chef and cosmetic brand owner Angela Langford has me convinced she does have the recipe for great skin - and I've only tried one product from the entire collection. This is no real surprise: she proved to be a dab hand with recipes during her stint on MasterChef, where she made finalist week before losing out to Ping Coombes back in 2014.

If only my diet was this healthy…

18 08 13 Angela Langford Face Oil
Angela Langford face oils are made from all natural ingredients

It is, then, completely reasonable that Langford’s knack for pairing ingredients in the kitchen would translate to skincare. 

"When you cook in a restaurant or at home, the key is to taste, taste, taste...it's the same when making skincare," says Langford.

"Making skincare products includes using the best ingredients you can find, that are heated or emulsified or folded into each other (albeit a bit more scientific than that), to end up with a product that is good for you."

Langford, who also runs a pop-up restaurant in Somerset, launched her skincare brand five years ago after working with skincare experts. Naturally, she has placed a great deal of emphasis on using great ingredients that are also cruelty-free and handmade in Britain. All raw ingredients that go in the bottle are natural.

18 08 13 Angela Langford Masterchef
Angela Langford, Masterchef 2014

"Each raw material has been selected for its unique natural skin care properties – whether it is anti-ageing, rejuvenating, healing, calming, soothing," says Langford.

The collection spans products for normal to sensitive skin, scrubs to serums and targeted treatments for pores, wrinkles and more. Plus, each product has been formulated to suit and to treat particular skin types. Prices average around the £20 mark. 

Much like a well-balanced meal, Langford’s face oils are vitamin-rich. Packed with soluble vitamins, anti-oxidants, oils high in omega 3, 6 and essential fatty acids, they’re a healthy treat. If only my diet was this healthy…

Langford’s chef credentials and clear passion for ingredients offers a welcome new perspective in an over-saturated cosmetic market. Like any good 'chef's special' recommendation, I’m inclined to trust a Langford’s judgement.

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