WITH the Manchester and London Marathons on the horizon, not to mention the BUPA 10K, all of us who signed up will be intensifying our training and praying for a fit, healthy race day.

It's now that all your hard work starts to pay off but it's also now that niggling aches and pains start to take their toll. If you've been suffering from a strain – and hoping it'll go away – this is the time to take action.

The clinic is owned by two very experienced runners who understand what you're going through, and how to get you pain-free and comfortable again

Image001The physiotherapists at Anatomy Manchester in Chorlton work with runners of all levels to address problems such as runner's knee, lower back pain, and tendonitis.

And even with a busy client list, their team still has time to treat you before race day.

They're seen as experts in the fields of musculoskeletal physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

And what's more, the clinic is owned by two very experienced runners who understand what you're going through, and how to get you pain-free and comfortable again.

Joe Lloyd, co-owner and head personal trainer at Anatomy, has been an international athlete for eighteen years.

Hellrunner1During this time he's won 52 Welsh International Vests, and won the Welsh Title five times and the British Title twice in 400m and 400m hurdles.

He has also won the World and European Masters Athletics Championships for 400m hurdles.

Not a bad person to have on your training team, then. Likewise, co-owner Jen Lloyd has her own experiences of competitive running – and of dealing with injury.

After having bilateral retinacular release surgery in her early twenties, she found a talent for running and joined Sale Harriers.

Fast forward to personal bests of 18 minutes at 5K, 38 minutes at 10K, one hour 23 for half marathons and countrywide places of first, second and third.

Hospitalization for a stress fracture in her lumbar spine unfortunately put an end to the competitive side of her running career. But it marked the beginning of Anatomy.

Jen established the clinic using her extensive sports rehabilitation knowledge and her personal experience of what runners, athletes and trainers need.

Joe PicShe has continued to grow her team on that foundation and it now has an excellent reputation in the sports profession for getting results.

If you're suffering from an ache or pain when you run – whether it's a little niggle or something more  serious – get in touch. The guys at Anatomy have the knowledge and experience to assess the area, treat you and get you training for your next challenge.

Book a consultation with a physiotherapist today: call Anatomy Manchester on 0161 861 0848.

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