Pink velour tracksuits, chain-mail tops and tiaras – is it 2003 again?

Long before the likes of Love Island reality stars and the Kardashian reign, there was Paris Hilton. She partied with Britney, had a TV show with best mate Nicole Richie and made Kim Kardashian give her a foot massage. Basically, she was everything those of us who were teens in the noughties wanted to be.

But now, you can make your teen dream a millennial reality thanks to Boohoo’s latest collab. Paris Hilton has launched a 70-piece collection with the Manchester fashion retailer, complete with throwback noughties fashions guaranteed to trigger flashbacks to the time you gelled your fringe back, drew on wafer-thin eyebrows and ripped your jeans into all kinds of contraptions. 

2018 6 19 Paris Hilton Boohoo Collection 10
The noughties-inspired collection includes chain-mail pieces
2018 6 19 Paris Hilton Noughties
Paris Hilton in the noughties

The range pays tribute to popular noughties trends that Paris pioneered throughout her careers as a professional party girl. So expect plenty of pink, lashings of diamante embellishments and skimpy party styles.

Signature pieces from the collection include slinky backless tops, metallic dresses and of course the 00’s staple - a velour pink tracksuit. True to Paris’ lifestyle, campaign imagery sees the 'it-girl' posing with a pink flip phone, handbag-size pooch and bunch of tiaras in various pool party settings.   

2018 6 19 Paris Hilton Boohoo Collection 11
Shop the collection from £3 to £35

Whilst The Simple Life star was well-known for her dress-sense in the millennium, noughties fashion has yet to make a come-back – until now. The prolific party princess’ collection promises to revive noughties must-haves with backless designs, leopard print separates and motifs inspired by Paris’ iconic pampered pooches Diamond Baby and Princess. Famed phrases from the heiress are also on offer in the collection, including a hot pink swimsuit with ‘That’s Hot’ motif. 

2018 6 19 Paris Hilton Boohoo Collection 8
The 00's staple velour pink tracksuit also features in the collection

You can shop the full collection from 20 June, with prices from £3 to £35.

So, if you spent much of your noughties laughing at The Simple Life or wishing you were old enough to audition for the ITV hit series Paris Hilton’s British Best Friend, your pastel pink prayers have been answered. And if you find yourself lost for words, just say ‘that’s hot’.  

2018 6 19 Paris Hilton Boohoo Collection 2 2018 6 19 Paris Hilton Boohoo Collection 4 2018 6 19 Paris Hilton Boohoo Collection 6 2018 6 19 Paris Hilton Boohoo Collection 9 2018 6 19 Paris Hilton Boohoo Collection 10

Shop the Paris Hilton collection at Boohoo from 20 June here