From Mooncups to natural deodorant, Jenessa Williams goes ethical beauty shopping on New Market street

There is no denying that when it comes to feeding, dressing and preening our bodies, the emphasis on ethical choices has become bigger than ever. As a nation, we’re craving the ‘clean’ and organic, choosing vegan diets and shunning fast fashion. Fear for the planet’s sustainability is forcing us to realise that something has to change if we want future generations to thrive.

Predating what many see as a ‘trend’ for ethical shopping, Out Of This World has been in business for over 21 years. Situated on New Market Street, their jolly green store is home to all manner of cupboard goods, meat-free meals and a lesser-championed beauty section. Next time you nip in for a samosa or a tofu fritter (we’re addicted), stick around a little longer, and try one of our favourite health and beauty picks below. 

18 01 06 Leeds Ethical Beauty 01 08 Out Of This World
Out Of This World is based on New Market Street, Leeds

MoonCup (£21.99)

With studies estimating that women spend up to £500 on sanitary products per year, there’s never been a better time to try out a more purse (and environmentally) friendly option. The Mooncup is the industry leader in menstrual cups, lasting for years and eliminating the unnatural fibres that tampons can leave behind.  Latex-free and without hypoallergenic dyes, perfumes or plastics, they are suitable for all period-having women, although be sure to consult packaging to make sure you find the right size for you. 

18 01 06 Leeds Ethical Beauty 01 08 Mooncup
The MoonCup is cheaper and more environmentally sustainable then regular sanitary products

Natracare Sanitary Protection (£2.19 for 14 regular pads)

If you’re not ready to make the leap to a Mooncup, at least look after your lady parts by switching to organic plant-based sanitary towels and tampons. Whilst they may sound boujee, they’re actually only a few pence more expensive than market-leading pads, which are made of 90% plastic, treated with chlorine dyes and can take decades to biodegrade. Nicer on the planet and your privates.

18 01 06 Leeds Ethical Beauty 01 08 Natracare
Switch to organic plant-based sanitary towels

Pacifica Nail Varnish (£9.99)

Get your talons holiday-ready with Pacifica nail varnish. Non-toxic and cruelty free, even the application brush is vegan. Free from the usual chemicals, it’s a great option for those trying to grow their nails, especially when paired with the top and base coat. 

18 01 06 Leeds Ethical Beauty 01 08 Pacifica
Vegan nail polishes by Pacifica

Salt of the Earth Natural Deodorant (£5.99)

Sick of the heatwave? We are too, especially when delivering the ‘I’m not checking my armpit, honest’ for the umpteenth time on our sweaty commute. Eliminate the fear with a natural rock salt deodorant – fragrance-free and long lasting, they’re perfect for sensitive skin and won’t clog your pores with aluminium, choosing instead to simply neutralise the bacteria that causes bad-smelling sweat. Out Of This World has plenty in stock, but we love the Salt Of The Earth range best; made of natural minerals and completely vegan.

18 01 06 Leeds Ethical Beauty 01 08 Salt Of The Earth
Salt of the Earth natural deodorant

Sunray Brasil Burgundy Henna Cream (£11.99)

Lush isn’t the only brand on the block selling hair dye alternatives – Out Of This World are keen stockists of Sunray, a semi-permanent Henna infused with fruits and herbs that encourage deep conditioning you don’t get with regular box dye. Best of all, Henna is less likely than regular dye to cause scalp itching or dandruff, and fades more naturally over time, meaning less visible roots.

18 01 06 Leeds Ethical Beauty 01 08 Surya Brasil
Sunray Brasil henna cream

Neek Lipstick (£16)

Could that wooden packaging be any more instagrammable? Luckily the resulting look of a Neek lipstick is as good as it’s packaging. Sheers, shimmers and mattes are all part of the collection, with shades that suit every skintone. So good, we nearly forgot to tell you how eco-friendly they are – made of shea butter, jojoba and avocado oils, all shades are coloured naturally with mica’s and pigments. 

18 01 06 Leeds Ethical Beauty 01 08 Neek Lipstick
Eco-friendly lipstick by Neek

Andalou Purple Carrot and C Luminous Night Cream (£15.89)

Get your glow on and introduce Andalou’s night cream into your routine. Chockfull of keratin and vitamin C, the formula targets clogged surface cells for a brighter complexion. Suitable for vegans, veggies and coeliacs, all ingredients are sustainably sourced and packed with care into those chic orange tubs. 

18 01 06 Leeds Ethical Beauty 01 08 Andalou
A night cream suitable for vegans, veggies and coeliacs

The Clay Cure Moroccan Rhassoul Clay (£11.60)

Sick of the same old soap? Spice up your life with a Moroccan clay scrub, which more than pays for itself in terms of versatility. Used as a natural bodycare product for over 1400 years, it can unblock pores, improve skin elasticity, condition hair and triple your bank account in just one handful. Well, maybe not the last part, but it sure as hell feels good. 

18 01 06 Leeds Ethical Beauty 01 08 The Clay Cure
The Clay Cure Moroccan Rhassoul clay

Benecos Lip Balm (£2.95)

Did you know the majority of lip balms contain beeswax? If you’re looking to go fully vegan, check out the Benecos range – formulated from Shea butter and naturally-occurring oils, they come in a tasty range of flavours, including zingy mint and sweet raspberry. 

18 01 06 Leeds Ethical Beauty 01 08 Benecos
Benecos - lip balm without the beeswax

Antipodes Hallelujah Lime and Patchouli Cleanser (£22.99)

Designed to purify and calm, lime and patchouli are ingredients you’ll find in abundance in Out Of This World. Pop some antipodes products in your bathroom and feel the benefits – sexy Aesop-esque packaging conceals a rich formula that easily cleans the face in one pump. When you’re done, pop the whole thing in the recycling – all the plastic and cardboard is PETG approved and/or biodegradable.  

18 01 06 Leeds Ethical Beauty 01 08 Antipodes
Antipodes cleansers - the packaging is biodegradable

Find Out Of This World beauty on 20 New Market Street, Leeds, LS1 6DG