I WAS late to puberty – a familiar story in the decision to get the op.

I can now stride through the world 'beaming with confidence, shoulders back, all teeth and tits'

While my friends were buying training bras and later pretty underwear sets, I was still wearing vests and crop tops. My brother would relentlessly tease me and I felt left out of giggly conversations with friends about body image and boys.

As I got older it began to bother me a little less, and I worked with what I had. I learned how to dress to make me feel more confident and sure, I did find some benefits to being slender (good things come in small packages, after all). However, I was still plagued with moments of anxiety. Clothes and underwear shopping has always been a nightmare. I couldn’t buy a dress just because I liked it – and let’s not even talk about bikini shopping. My breasts, or lack thereof, has affected most aspects in my life, including my self-esteem and my relationships with men. With an insecurity as profound as my small breasts, I found emotionally manipulative men used it as ammunition against me.

Thus, the decision to get my breasts augmented has long been on my mind.

While I was aware that I shouldn’t make a life-changing decision on account of how an ex-boyfriend had treated me, or how others had teased me, I had waited some time before I decided this was something I wanted to do for myself. The time for change was now. I wanted to take my body and my self-esteem back into my own hands.

I did whatBefore: "Let’s not even talk about bikini shopping"


It all starts with research. Lots of it. After consulting with various companies in the North West, I had whittled it down to three. Some offered cheap and quite frankly, suspicious deals, while other clinics were pushy and sales-driven – not to mention expensive. I found myself saying ‘ow much?!' quite often. I went to the Transform clinic at Pines Hospital, the company's dedicated cosmetic surgery hospital just outside of Manchester City Centre, for my last consultation. They let me meet the surgeon on my first visit, offered me a reasonable price in line with what I would expect for surgery and were very diligent about aftercare. I knew I’d saved the best for last, I just felt confident about everything I heard from them.


After my initial consultation, I contacted Transform to say I was interested and they booked me a further appointment with the surgeon. The ball began to roll.

When I arrived for my next appointment the waiting room was busy and I waited 45 minutes past my appointment time. Understandably, some of the girls in the room began to become impatient but once I got into the consultation room with my surgeon I quickly realised the reason for my wait. The surgeon went through the entire procedure step-by-step; he left no question unanswered and let me voice my concerns with his attention completely with me. He was genuinely interested in my reasons and made me feel completely at ease – even though I had to have my boobs out more often than I’d usually like. I chose to go up to a DD."

Transform Medical Transform Pines Hospital, Altrincham Road


I arrived at 8am and was shown to my private room. I was scheduled to go to theatre at 10am. In the meantime, I would be seen by two nurses and Dr Clarke, the surgeon. That’s when my nerves kicked in. Just how big would my implants be? Would they look natural? Images of Dolly Parton began to play havoc in my mind. Dr Clarke took the time to go through everything again and made sure I was 100% happy before I went down to theatre. This was much appreciated because, while it was a bit late in the day to voice these concerns, they were still understanding.

It was not necessary for me to stay at The Pines clinic overnight and I was very happy to be a ‘day case’. I was home by 6pm. I had one week off work and it was so nice to do nothing but read books and watch TV. My mum looked after me well and after seven days I was back on my feet. I felt more uncomfortable than in pain and sleeping on my back wasn’t as bad as I imagined once I got used to it. My friends and family visited and couldn’t wait to have a look.”


Seven days later I’m very happy with the result. Let’s just say you can tell a difference. I immediately felt more in proportion to my body shape. I purchased my Christmas dress online which I would have never have done before and I cannot wait to go pretty underwear shopping once the initial swelling has gone down. Transform advise me this will be 4-6 weeks. Has it made me more self-assured overall? It’s hard to say. Though I do feel that my insecurity will no longer hold me back. To paraphrase a very good, far less self-contained friend of mine, I can now stride through the world 'beaming with confidence, shoulders back, all teeth and tits'."

ResultsResults: "I immediately felt more in proportion to my body shape"

The cost of breast enlargements with Transform Cosmetic Surgery start from £4,250 (see here for prices)Book a consultation with your nearest Transform Clinic here. Or call 0808 231 0666

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