How could we resist the floppy ears and fuzzy fur?

HOT-diggety – the results are in. The Confidentials Dog of the Month (hashtag #MCDoggyDog) has been chosen for December and the top pooch prize goes to.... Scamp of Didsbury.

He's an indeterminate terrier who was a former resident of The Dog's Trust in Denton.

Scamp's early life is hazy. He's thought to be about four-years-old and from Ireland. He loves other dogs but he's not particularly fond of people, with the exception of his human who tweets as @didsburyoldie

The win comes at the end of a difficult year for Scamp, after he was attacked on the riverbank by two Staffordshire terriers. He had stitches and wore a cone to protect his injuries. He's now back on form and enjoying his walks again, and his weekly visits to Muttley Crew Doggy Daycare in Stockport.


As winner, he got a £25 voucher for Seven Bro7hers Beerhouse in Ancoats – a dog-friendly venue, of course. And he can bask in the fame of being our number one pup for November.

But who will be our top K9 for the end of 2018? 

We're taking entries to December's Dog of the Month competition now.

How to enter

Simply tag us in a new photo of your furry friend with the hashtag #MCDoggyDog AND @ConfidentialsDogoftheMonth on Instagram or on Twitter @DogsoftheMonth. Please include a couple of facts about your pal and then head here to put in your vote for your favourite canine contender.

This month, we’ll present the winner with a custom dog-tag showing off your pooch's claim-to-fame as Confidentials Dog of the Month.